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Personalized self-mailers in the marketing mix

Self-mailers are mailings without envelopes. They are eye-catching and have an immediate impact. A self-mailer offers you extensive design freedom. You present your advertising message over a large area.

Colourful variety for your advertising success

You can choose from different sizes and materials. Design the complete print sheet according to your ideas! Only one field must be left blank for the address. You provide us with the print data and the shipping addresses; our lettershop takes care of everything else. We print, fold and address. We then seal the self-mailers with sealing tabs. These are transparent and perforated labels that seal the edges of the mailing.

Safely sealed, your personal advertising message goes on its journey. 
Opening is child's play for the recipient.

These are the advantages of self-mailers

  • Better perception: Self-mailers are striking and eye-catching
  • Efficiency through more printed area
  • Success through integrated response elements (e.g. web codes or response cards)
  • With self-mailers you transport a modern corporate image
  • inexpensive dispatch as dialogue post
Self-mailers are sealed with perforated detachable tabs. The recipient can easily open and read the tabs without damaging the selfmailer.

Print selfmailer online

A personalised self-mailing stands out from the "standard mail". It is modern, eye-catching and striking. You can integrate response elements such as reply cards, scratch-offs, coupons or value vouchers. It is easy to open, which stimulates the play instinct.

There are enough occasions for shipping

Promote invitations, openings, presentations or contests. Self-mailers are also effective in the acquisition of new customers and for customer surveys.. This way you have a much higher chance that your advertising message will be noticed.

There are many occasions for self-mailers: Discount promotions, presentation of new products, invitations to trade fairs or simply Christmas.
Our service for printers

We take over the printed and pre-folded print sheets and take care of addressing, sealing with tab labels and postal delivery. Ask us!

Selfmailer with christmas voucher

Selfmailer Calculator

Selfmailer cheap - calculate prices here per piece

Selfmailer - calculate online here

Here you can configure your self-mailings - all inclusive!

  • Print Selfmailer
  • Addressing and personalization
  • Closing with tab points
  • Mail delivery

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Select the desired print run and the format of your self-mailer here. The printing is done on 135 gsm matte art paper. The closure is made with transparent closure sticks.

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Price details

Offers are directed to industry, trade and free professions for use in self-employed or commercial activities. Prices plus 19.00% VAT and shipping costs.

Payment in advance. We supply public clients on account.

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Notes on Self Mailings

With us you get the Self Mailer in different variants. They are closed on the side with perforated tabs and can be opened easily. The printing is done on matt image printing paper MaxiSatin 135 grams. This self-mailer paper offers the optimum compromise between item weight and feel. The self-mailers are addressed on one side in the final format.

Perforations: On request, we can perforate the self-mailer, e.g. for integrated bonus coupons or a detachable return card.

The Selfmailer Calculator

Specify quantity, format and personalization - the price will be displayed automatically.

The calculated price is a final price without hidden additional costs. Dhe postage is not included in the price, as it depends on the circulation and address distribution..

How is the price calculated?

Instead of a lettershop price list, we rely on direct online calculation. With our mailing calculator, you can configure your desired product in just a few steps. All price components are stored in the system.

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Complete product overview - quick selection based on final format and number of pages

Click on the image to enter the desired print run. You will immediately see the complete price for your self-mailer including data transfer, printing, addressing, gluing and postal delivery.

Final format DIN long (99 x 210 mm)

Selfmailer DIN long 6-sided with flap
Selfmailer DIN long 6-sided without flap
Selfmailer DIN long 8-sided with flap
Selfmailer DIN long 8-sided without flap

Final format MAXI (125 x 235 mm)

Selfmailer MAXI 6-sided with flap
Selfmailer MAXI 6-sided without flap
Selfmailer MAXI 8-sided with flap
Selfmailer MAXI 8-sided without flap

Format DIN A5 (148 x 210 mm)

Selfmailer DIN A5 4-sided
Selfmailer DIN A5 6 pages

Selfmailer: for successful direct marketing

Selfmailer: for successful direct marketing

Uwe Fenner

Uwe Fenner

Your lettershop professional

Consultation included

You would like to have cheap selfmailers printed? Ask me! I am at your disposal for all questions concerning your selfmailer. Uwe Fenner 0361-6605331

A self-mailer offers a lot of information and a wide range of design elements

Selfmailer - FAQs

For which industries are self-mailers suitable?
Mailings without envelopes have become an all-rounder in dialogue marketing.
Nevertheless, some industries have emerged that use this mailing format particularly intensively:

  • Travel agencies
  • Online shops for cosmetics
  • Sporting goods supplier
  • Packaging manufacturer
What do I have to pay attention to in the design?

We send self-mailers with Deutsche Post. Therefore, we have to orientate ourselves to the technical specifications of the post office. With the Selfmailer the most important point is that at least three sides are closed. In our Selfmailer with flap all four sides are closed. The long sides are folded closed. The short edges are closed with tabs.

In the variants without flap, the short sides are closed with locking bars. One long side is folded closed.  This page must be located below the address. How do you check this? Finish creating your self-mailer and print it out. Now make a test fold. The sealed page must now be under the address.
Bingo. That fits!

Sometimes the bottom cannot be sealed for design reasons. Then the post office charges 5 cents penalty postage for each shipment.

Other formats and materials?

Can other formats and grammages be requested from you?

Of course, we also offer other sizes and materials for self-mailers.

Send us your enquiry by e-mail or simply call 0361 6605331.

Print self-mailer online - fold - seal - address - send
Do you produce self-mailers in short runs?

Our lettershop is equipped with the latest printing and folding technology. This enables us to produce even small runs at surprisingly low prices. produce!

Do you print self-mailers on recycled paper?

We are happy to print self-mailers on recycled paper. We pay attention to the FSC certification for sustainable paper production and protection of the forests..

Example of successful self-mailer

Example car dealership Lang

The animation shows a self-mailer, which was designed by the Erfurt advertising agency fenner Com for a car dealership.. The mailing was sent to the regular customers of the car dealership. This invitation to the autumn exhibition has achieved a high response rate due to its eye-catching design..

Printing, addressing, packing, postage optimisation and postal delivery were carried out by

A self-mailer is always in season - also for the start of the year 2021

Take advantage of attractive mailings during winter sales.
Integrate value coupons to welcome your customers in your store in 2021. The same system also works for online shops, of course.


  • Finishing with partial UV varnish
  • Scented mails with scented varnish
  • Coupon codes hidden behind punched doors
  • Value coupons
  • Coupon codes for your online shop
Self-mailer four-sided with flap. It is closed with tab dots and sent addressed.

Everything you need to know about the Selfmailer

The Selfmailer: The revolution of mailing

Why the self-mailer increases attention,
reduces costs and protects the environment

Even in the age of the Internet, dialogue marketing by post is a promising advertising measure.. This is not least due to the constant new developments in the industry. The revolution of the last few years is called self-mailer. The innovative mailing format convinces with advantages for sender and recipient.

Printed, folded and glued

The special feature of this advertising medium is that it does not require an envelope. After the print sheet has been fully printed, it is folded to the desired final format.

After folding, the self-mailer is glued with fugitive glue or tabs. We rely on sealing tabs. These transparent adhesive labels ensure for thisthat the self-mailer cannot be opened accidentally. The labels are perforated and can be easily opened by the recipient.

A mailing that packages itself

Because the mailing is virtually self-packaging, the inserting step is not required. Consequently, no envelope is needed. The self-mailer is therefore significantly cheaper to produce than conventional mailings. And the customers benefit from the low rates of the deliverers. This is because the Selfmailer is a certified product in Dialogpost. Less Material corresponds to the demand for sustainable use of natural resources.

Another strength of the self-mailer is its contemporary design, which ensures great attention and high acceptance. After all, what good is a mailing that is relatively cheap to produce if the customer doesn't open it? The envelope also removes another hurdle to the perception of the advertising message. A self-mailer is quickly opened without its packaging lying around and having to be disposed of. 

Full surface printing on all sides

Full-area printing opens up new scope in the design of the mailing. The exteriors attract attention. From a technical point of view, the only things that need to be taken into account in the design are the folding sequence and the type of closure. All this is discussed in advance with the lettershop. Transparent sealing bars ensure that the design is not influenced.

The self-mailer therefore offers infinitely more possibilities in terms of layout and design than the letter. This is why recipients perceive it as particularly modern and interesting. The opening rate is noticeably higher than that of classic mailings. In addition, despite the lack of an envelope, there is no need to forego any finishing.

Perforations and die-cuts are no problem with the self-mailer. For example, a detachable reply postcard can be included, which also serves as a response element for monitoring the success of the advertising campaign. Die-cut doors, behind which the recipient can find discount coupons, increase interactivity. Your self-mailing becomes even more effective with dispensed discount cards or product samples.

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The advantages of the selfmailer at a glance:

  • low-priced production
  • low weight
  • many variants
  • full-surface printing
  • modern phenomenon
  • optional finish
  • postage due
  • Environmentally friendly

Various versions for all needs

The following list of the different types of self-mailers gives an overview of the variety of designs:

Classic/Standard Self Mailer
A self-mailer of almost any length that is folded and glued to the desired format. Its pages fold out towards the bottom, which is similar to opening a parchment roll.
Cross Mailing

Offers the recipient a special experience because it opens like a gift. This allows the reader to be directed specifically to new information on further pages.

Pop-up mailing
The pop-up mailer, which is guaranteed to stand out from the crowd, also ensures increased attention. When unfolded, an individually designed placement element is built up (3D effect).
Postcard and folding card mailing

Because the good old postcard doesn't need an envelope, strictly speaking it also belongs to the self-mailers. The variant as a folding card is also closed with adhesive dots.

Poster mailing

The perfect self-mailer when space is at a premium. It is produced in cross fold and can be opened like a newspaper.

Punch mailer

With the punch mailer, one or more pages are punched into shape.. The special design can not be guessed when closed.

Catalog mailing

With the catalog mailing, you send a Mini-catalogue at a reasonable price. It contains flip pages like a book and is sent cheaply as dialogue mail. Also suitable as a perforated coupon booklet.

Zipper Mailing

This mailing features a zippered flap that can be opened easily and innovatively by the recipient.

All the self-mailers listed can be Reply items complete. Each self-mailer can be addressed on both sides.