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Print, address and send postcards as mailings

Mailing postcards are attractive advertising media

There used to be more postcards. Do you remember?
Especially in summer, during the travel season, you could fish greetings to your loved ones out of the mailbox. Treat your customers to this wonderful experience too. Send mailing postcards with invitations, congratulations or vouchers.
Eye-catching, inexpensive and quickly produced.
Put a smile on your customers' faces and increase your sales with postcard mailings!

Always included in the price

  • Print in your desired size - from C6 to A4 oversize
  • Postage optimization - never pay too much postage
  • Direct addressing - with salutation if desired
  • Mail delivery

Postcard Mailing Calculator

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Postcard mailings

Get noticed with postcards

Postcard mailings as a complete service: printing and addressing of in all common formats. The picture side of the postcard is glossy coated on postcard cardboard. Maxi cards are optionally available on 300-gram natural cardboard. On request also without address printing. 

Print, address and send cards

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Price details

Offers are directed to industry, trade and free professions for use in self-employed or commercial activities. Prices plus 19.00% VAT and shipping costs.

Payment in advance. We supply public clients on account.

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Postcards as mailings?
With us all inclusive!

These services are always included:

  • Consulting
  • short delivery time
  • optionally with design
  • Complete service from A to Z

Postcards in direct marketing


Postcards have become an indispensable part of direct marketing. The postcard is the format of choice wherever a striking look is required. One-sided personalization is the most common: one side of the postcard is adorned with the image motif. Finishing the picture side with high-gloss varnish, partial UV varnish or metallic foils directs the recipient's attention specifically to the advertising content. The second side of the card can be ideally used for applying the address, salutation and voucher codes and bonus coupons.

Personalization on both sides is even more individual, with particularly attention-grabbing image personalization being used in addition to text personalization. However, this trend is already on the decline again.

Postcards can be addressed in several ways:

  • InkJet addressing
    Mostly the inkjet method is used for the exclusive printing of the recipient's address. Cartridge-based inkjet systems or the modern Memjet systems of the American company Astrojet are used here as technology carriers for small and medium-sized print runs. mailingdruck24 prefers the systems with Memjet technology.
  • Laser personalization
    With this procedure, the text is personalized in several places in high quality. In this way, field contents such as locations, purchased articles, etc. can also be imprinted in the continuous text in top quality.
  • Labelling of postcards
    Label printing is no longer used for postcards.


3 plus points for your mailing

  • short delivery time
  • personal contact person
  • Consultation under 0361 6605331


Addressed postcard mailings - examples of maxi postcards from various industries

Small postcard material science

Here you can find out which printing paper is right for your postcard mailing. We go into the differences in terms of colour reproduction and explain the different values that can be conveyed with one material.

Postcards on natural cardboard 300 gram

Postcard - contemporary printed on a strong natural cardboard. The feel is pleasantly different from the high-gloss look and conveys values such as environmental awareness and closeness to nature with its high-quality look.

Postcards on high quality chromo cardboard 235 grams

Very sturdy postcard cardboard 235 g with four-colour printing on both sides. The picture side is finished with high gloss varnish. This material is suitable for you if you pay special attention to clear and brilliant colors.

Postcard mailings with which YOU score points

  • Offset printing in top quality
  • fast delivery in only 4 working days
  • from inexpensive picture printing paper to high-quality postcard board
  • Address printing or printing of salutation and codes possible
  • including postage optimization & professional support

Send addressed postcards

Activate regular customers the fast way

The postcard has been around for more than a hundred years. In former times it was mainly used to make the other one's holiday destination palatable: Greetings from Upper Bavaria!

Today, the postcard as a mailing can do much more: the addressed postcard is the ideal advertising medium for regular customer care.

Opticians, fashion stores and car dealerships use advertising postcards to quickly draw attention to promotions and important dates. With a well-maintained database of regular customers, this always works!

Try it out!

Postcard mailing for an optician
Postcard mailings are suitable for a quick message and can be designed in a visually appealing way.

FAQ Postcard Mailings

In our lettershop we are confronted with many questions every day.
Here we have compiled an overview of frequently asked questions and, of course, the corresponding answers on the subject of POSTCARD MAILINGS. If you still have questions, you can always contact us at this number:

✆ 0800 818 80 88

We are looking forward to your call!

How fast does it go?
We are very fast. If you order today, the finished postcards will be in the mail in four working days.

What card formats can you choose from?
The complete range is open to you: Postcards in DIN A6, DIN long and of course in the popular Maxi format.
But we can also deliver postcard mailings in A5, A4 or A4 oversize.

Even round postcards are feasible!

What data is needed?
A print-ready PDF for the card itself and an Excel spreadsheet for personalization or coding are all we need for printing.

How do the cards get in the mail?
Of course, this is part of the service: We deliver the postcards directly to the Deutsche Post AG mail centre.

How much is the postage?
This depends on the composition of your address file. In 90% of cases, the cards are sent as dialogue mail at a price of 28 cents.

How long are the cards in transit?
Dialogue mail reaches the recipient in two to four days. We frank very urgent postcards at full postage - that is 45 cents - so that the cards reach the recipient the day after they are posted.

Postcard mailings: these are the most popular formats

  1. DIN A6 -148 x 105 mm
  2. DIN long - 210 x 100 mm
  3. Postcard Maxi, maxi size - 235 x 125 mm
  4. Postcards DIN A5 - 148 x 210 mm
  5. Postcard DIN A4+ - 320 x 230 mm

All information here in our download PDF ...

The postcard DIN-A6

The postcard DIN long

The Maxi Postcard

The postcard DIN-A5

Postcards in handwriting look

Cards that look like they were written by hand make even more of an impression!

Postcards with address and salutation

We do not only print the address, but also the salutation, a coupon code or other elements.

Refined postcards

Postcards with partial UV varnish, silver foiling or high-gloss cellophane coating

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