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Save postage

Invitations to member meetings and market research can no longer be sent as dialogue mail in 2020.
Use our discounted standard letterrate option for this. You save money compared to the standard postage of Deutsche Post.


  • Letter up to 20 gram 0,70 € * instead of 0,80 €
    You save net 0,10 € **
  • Compact letter 0,85 € * instead of 0,95 €
    Net saving 0,10 € **
  • Large letter 1,40 € * instead of 1,55 €
    You save net 0,15 € **

    * Prices plus VAT. Valid from 100 copies.
    ** For senders who are not subject to VAT,
    the saving is lower.

Optimizing postage is a small science in itself.
It is important to have detailed knowledge of the many different postal regulations.

The Postage optimization is the procedure for determining the most favorable letter postage for mass mailings.


  • the number of addresses,
  • the regional distribution of beneficiaries,
  • the letter weight
  • and the envelope size


Postage optimization can often result in significant savings on mailing costs.

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Save postage through clever planning

Our Lettershop can give you valuable tips already during the planning of a mailing, e.g. to save quite a few euros on postage by choosing a different paper or a smaller envelope. Generally speaking, bulk mailing of letters enables enormous savings compared to standard mailing.

With us you always get the cheapest postage for your planned mailing!
Simply call us at: 0361-6605331.

Postage optimisation for dialogue mail. Determination of the most favourable postage for your mailings.

Tips for postage optimization

Here are a few tips on how to optimise your next mailing campaign.
The calculated savings always refer to Dialogopost.

Postage optimisation through the choice of paper thickness and letter weight

People like to use 90-gram paper instead of the widely used 80-gram standard paper. This gives the letter a better feel. The mailing looks more valuable.

But be careful! In the case of a mailing with three sheets as content, the thicker paper means that the letter weighs 22 grams. This means higher postage. This increases the price of Dialogpost from 30 cents to 35 cents:
. This is an additional cost of € 350.00 for 5,000 letters.

So, better switch to 80-gram paper ...

Flyer: Do I use 135-gram or 170-gram paper?

A common mailing variation looks like this:

  • 1 cover letter four-coloured
  • 1 flyer DIN long six-sided - the classic widely used folding flyer
  • 1 window envelope

Here, too, it pays to look carefully when planning. If you choose a nice 170-gram paper for the flyer, the total weight of the letter rises above the 20-gram limit. the mailing becomes more expensive. Again, the price difference per 1,000 letters adds up to €80.00.

So always consider the total weight of the letter and save on postage!