Personalisation: an aspect of success for mailings

Addressing and coding of flyers, letters, postcards and self-mailers

Personalization - Range of services

  • Mailings, envelopes and self-mailers
  • Postcard mailings
  • Invitations, tickets
  • various bar and matrix codes
  • personalised promotional gifts, e.g. ballpoint pens  

The efficiency of your mailing campaign is influenced by various factors. First of all, it has to arrive where you planned it - with your customers.

A well-maintained and constantly updated address file is one of the basic requirements for successful direct marketing. We offer you an all-round service for the right addressing.

Personalisation: an aspect of success in mailing

Why is personalization so important?
Exactly: everyone likes to read their own name. (Except on parking tickets).

That's why mailings are personalized:

  • Name and address for postcards
  • individual voucher codes in the selfmailer
  • the exact title and the correct salutation for letter mailings

We help you to get the most out of your data. For example, we merge several address files, even if they are structured differently. We generate and print the individual discount code for your online shop for each customer.

Letter labelling is out

Instead, we rely on direct addressing of letters, postcards and self-mailers with the latest technology. Our project managers will advise you on the selection of the most suitable printing process. Depending on the print object to be personalised, our inkjet addresser, a four-colour inkjet address printer or various laser printers are used. Several individualised mailing items can also be matched and enveloped.

Our customers usually supply the addressing data in the widely used Excel format. But we can also take data from the usual CRM systems and industry solutions.

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Data protection

Addressing and personalization of mailings


Customer proximity through personalization: Address your customers personally.

Through individualized digital printing, we are able to implement your mailing exactly according to your ideas. Be it the salutation or the inside of your cover letter. If your data is available in an orderly manner, there are almost no limits to the possibilities. A data set is a data set - we make more out of it.

  • scanned signature
  • Barcodes
  • personal information
  • Graphics
  • QR codes

By the way: Most of our envelopes are addressed using the fast inkjet process - this guarantees rapid processing and prompt dispatch.

What we can do for you

  • Transfer of your data stock*
  • password protected ZIP file via mail, FTP, Dropbox or direct file upload
  • Discreet handling in accordance with data protection regulations
  • Data check (quick check to exclude duplicates)
  • Sorting according to postal specifications
  • individual postage optimization
Addressing postcards and self-mailers

*Takeover of your data files


Before you send us your data, please note the following information:


  • Refrain from sending unencrypted data! For security reasons, we recommend securing the data to be sent with a password.
  • It is better to use password protection - either directly within your Excel document or if you want to send a packed file due to the size, provide the zip file with a password.
  • Use a password-protected zip file for all data formats that do not offer their own encryption.
  • If you use a cloud service for transmission, the same applies here: password protection!

Data structure

  • If you send your address data in an Excel spreadsheet, you are not bound by any specifications, i.e.: Data is data and can be adapted in its structure for the respective purpose if required.
  • Whether you want to send your data in the formats xls, xlsx, txt or csv does not matter to us - if necessary we will contact you and discuss the details.