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Direktmarketing unterstützt ihren Online-Business

What are mailings?

Mailings are addressed or partially addressed items that are sent by post and convey target group-specific messages. Mailings are the classics in direct marketing.

By addressing the recipient individually, mailings are more successful than flyers, for example. With an optimal combination of targeted address selection and personal address, you can achieve measurable reactions with mailings. You remain in dialogue with your regular customers or acquire new customers.

Mailings are usually sent as letter mailings, self-mailers or postcard mailings.

Mailings sind wirksam

Neben den zahlreichen digitalen Marketingmaßnahmen sind Print-Mailings für Unternehmen ein probates Mittel, um potenzielle Kunden persönlich anzusprechen. Print-Mailings funktionieren als Verbindung zwischen Ihnen als Unternehmen und ihren Kunden. Von vielen Menschen wird die Ansprache per Post als persönlicher empfunden, als beispielsweise ein E-Mail.

Auch in der im Jahr 2020 erschienenen DIALOGPOST-Studie im Auftrag der DP AG wurde die Wirksamkeit von Mailings bestätigt. Die Wirksamkeit von Print-Mailings hängt in erster Linie mit der Emotion zusammen, die beim Empfänger erzeugt wird. Hier gilt der Marketing-Leitsatz “Je persönlicher die Ansprache, desto wirksamer die Kommunikation.”

Print-Mailings sind nicht nur geeignet, um Neukunden zu gewinnen. Auch für einen flexiblen Dialog mit Ihren Kunden ist Infopost als Kommunikationsweg bestens geeignet.

Lohnen sich Printmailings als Werbemaßnahme?

Bei der Beurteilung von Marketingaktionen spielt selbstverständlich auch die Erwartungshaltung des Unternehmers eine wichtige Rolle. Betrachtet man die Dialogpost Studie 2020, zeigt sich jedenfalls ein durchweg positives Bild bezüglich der Wirksamkeit von Print-Mailings. Wir haben für Sie die Kernpunkte der Studie, die im Auftrag der Deutschen Post durchgeführt wurde, hier zusammengetragen.

  • Online-Shops können mit Print-Mailings eine durchschnittliche Conversionrate von 4,9 % erzielen. Mit diesem Ergebnis liegen sie weit vor anderen Werbemitteln. Dazu konnten im Zeitraum nach dem Versand der Gutschein-Mailings 22 % des Umsatzes mit den Gutscheinen erzielt werden.
  • Per Werbebrief versendete Gutscheine werden in 36 % der Fälle innerhalb der ersten 14 Tage nach Versand eingelöst. Hierbei sind auch nachhaltige Effekte erkennbar.
  • Kunden, die durch ein Print-Mailing angesprochen wurden, geben 8 % mehr Geld aus als bei ihrem vorherigen Einkauf.
  • Der durchschnittliche RoAS (Return on Advertising Spend) eines Print-Mailings liegt bei 990 %.
  • Werbebriefe sind effektiver als Maxi-Postkarten. Die Conversionrate liegt 25 % höher und der durchschnittliche Warenkorb liegt um 7 % höher.


Die Ergebnisse der Studie sind überraschend. Vor allem wer sich bisher bereits gedanklich von analogem Marketing verabschiedet hat, findet hier Argumente, um einen Teil des Budgets wieder in das Dialogmarketing zu transferieren. Nicht umsonst hat Werbung in Form von gedruckten Mailings bei vielen erfolgreichen (Online-)Handelsunternehmen und Dienstleistern einen festen Platz als Instrument im Marketing Mix.

Mailings: Everything you need to know

Print-Mailings finden im Direktmarketing ihren Einsatz. Unter der Bezeichnung Mailing werden sämtliche Formen der gedruckten Direktwerbung zusammengefasst, die auf dem Postweg vertrieben werden.

Tasks and components

Im Vordergrund steht die individuelle Kontaktaufnahme mit dem möglichen Kunden.
Das Ziel besteht im Aufbau eines Dialogs. Dabei besteht diese Form der adressierten Werbesendung aus den vier Elementen:

Mailings - Individual contact by advertising letterThe letter

The sales letter can be compared to a sales talk with a potential customer. Priorities are given to explaining the offer, pointing out solutions to problems and the user argumentation.

Mailings - individual contacting through brochuresBrochure

This takes over the function of the representation of the offer together with important detailed information.

Aim of the mailing - encourage recipients to reactReactant

The aim of the mailing is to encourage the recipient to respond. Therefore, it is essential to enclose a reply card or an order form with the mailing.

Mailing envelope - first impressionShipping envelope

It establishes the initial contact. Furthermore, it fulfils the task of arousing interest in a service.

In addition to brochures, a sales letter is often also used to send

  • Offer flyer
  • Brochures
  • Catalogues

dispatched. The envelope bundles all the components and ensures the protection of the mailing during transport. To ensure that the mailing envelope already attracts the recipient's interest, it is advisable to design it in a particularly impressive way.

Letter mailing - personal address of the recipient inspires confidence

Facilitate customer response with response element

A sales letter will always open the dialogue with the customer with a personal salutation. At the same time, the mailing provides information about the sender himself as well as his offer. The flyers, brochures or leaflets attached to the mailing usually contain a precise description of the offer or product.

To ensure that the advertising letter appeals to the specified target group, the recipients are addressed directly and personally. Mailings contain extensive information about the company and its services or products on offer. To ensure that recipients can respond easily, it is worthwhile for the sender to enclose response elements such as return envelopes or reply cards with the advertising mail.

Reasons for the Mailinger success

Mailings offer numerous advantages in the focus, which in contrast to trade magazines, outdoor advertising or daily newspapers, among other things, from

  • detailed definition of individual target groups
  • thereby exclusion of wrong scattering
  • long-lasting effectiveness due to high storage value
  • Enabling targeted, individual approaches
  • Communication of offers without competition
  • controllable and plannable advertising success
  • Possibilities of establishing personal contacts
  • Optimization of further mailings
  • immediate response option thanks to prepared coupons or response cards
  • Imparting direct product experiences, for example thanks to samples sent along with the products

persist. For maximum success of mailings, it is recommended to send several times.

Mailings offer numerous advantages that are in the focus

Finding the right time

It is also essential to find the right time to send mailings. Depending on the respective business model, various requirements must be taken into account.

For example, if a company offers consulting services, the second half of the year is best for sending mailings. This is when companies have finished their budget planning. Planning for additional orders is then easier.

The right time has come


The advantages of a mailing

With the help of mailings, the salesperson always remains fixed in advertising, and this in spite of constantly newly developed advertising media. A recent study (Nielsen) shows that German companies spend almost one third of their dialogue marketing budget on mailings. This makes them the highest-spending instrument in the field of marketing to date.

Mailings arouse interest in the recipient

The following aspects have an advantageous effect:

emotional experience

easy to handle

personal address thanks to individual address and direct form of address


measurable success thanks to response elements such as vouchers or reply cards

versatile in use, among other things for product novelties or also at trade fairs

With advertising letters it is not necessary to design advertisements first. Also possible problems with printers, advertising agencies, graphic designers are eliminated. If the target group reads the mailing, the sender receives undivided attention. Competitors cannot interpose themselves. If the sender writes his advertising letter well, he can communicate the benefit of his offer well to his potential buyers. Thus, even in this way, it is possible to dispel reservations on the buyer's side, as is otherwise only the case in individual sales talks.

Since mailings are provided with different response elements, it is easy to check the success of a mailing campaign. To do this, the sending companies can simply measure the number of responses received.


Reply cards

Order forms

after the action has been completed.

The same is also feasible with the testing of differently formulated and designed mailings. If, for example, a two-page advertising letter is better received by a test group than a one-page one, then the former mailing can be used in the future.

Less wastage with postal mailings

If the address quality for mailings is good, wastage is kept within limits. A more precise delimitation of the target group is possible. This gives companies the opportunity to address their customers individually. By directly addressing the reader in the advertising letter, the customer feels that he is the focus of attention. This is a decisive aspect in written sales talks.

Höhere Kundenbindung mit Mailings

With up-to-date mailings, companies have the opportunity to retain customers. Costs for new customer acquisition can thus be avoided or reduced. There are plenty of occasions to write advertising letters every year. For example, the Advent and Christmas season is very popular. If a company sends out mailings in good time during this contemplative period, existing customers are reminded of its existence in a friendly manner. An invitation to the Christmas menu for very special regular customers can also contribute to customer loyalty. A mailing is ideal for this purpose. If customers feel understood, they remain loyal to the company.

Another advantage of mailings is the greater scope that allows for a variety of information. Posters, for example, cannot bundle very much information. If the sender argues cleverly, cites case studies or even encloses test results with the sales letter, there are very good chances of customer retention and new customer acquisition.

The use of the so-called call-to-action can be perfectly integrated into a sales letter. A request such as "Request your individual information folder today!" is sufficient to arouse the interest of the addressee. Posters and advertisements cannot achieve this in order to be noticed by their target group.

Customer loyalty through individual mailings

No internet access required

The customer does not need Internet access to receive a mailing. He also does not have to purchase a magazine to get to the desired advertisement. The mailing enables companies to reach the desired target group in an uncomplicated way. Especially to those people who do not have internet access.

Because of these advantages, a well thought-out mailing becomes a powerful marketing tool. It is advisable to plan a mailing campaign thoroughly. Then there is a good chance of finding and retaining new customers.

What is the goal of a mailing?

Admittedly, a sales letter can neither improve the performance nor a product of a company. And a large new customer increase can hardly be generated with it. However, with the help of a professional mailing, more customer proximity can be achieved. Even customers who have already been lost can be won back with sales letters.

Furthermore, mailings are suitable for sending invitations, vouchers and even small giveaways. This means that a professionally designed mailing often achieves more than an online mailing. And a direct mailing that arrives by post is more personal, as the addressees can be addressed directly.

What forms of mailings are there?

There are quite a few different ways to send a mailing.
The best known are:

  • Letter mailing - also called enveloped mailing
  • Postcard mailing
  • Self-mailer mailing
Achieve more customer proximity with the help of professional mailings
convey target group specific messages with letter mailings

Letter mailing

Das Briefmailing ist auch unter der Bezeichnung kuvertiertes Mailing bekannt. Dabei wird die Werbebotschaft in einen Umschlag verpackt. Der Briefumschlag lässt sich zusätzlich als Werbefläche nutzen.
Dank der Kuvertierung lassen sich zudem Beilagen wie beispielsweise

  • Reply cards
  • Flyer
  • Questionnaires
  • Product samples

without any problems.

Erfolgt eine Portooptimierung des Briefmailings als Dialogpost, können Unternehmen viel Porto im Vergleich zum Standardbrief  einsparen. Das ist abhängig von der Menge, dem gewählten Format und dem Gewichts der Sendung.

convey target group specific messages with Selfmailer - Mailings


Der Selfmailer ist ein reduziertes und besonders wirksames Mailingformat. Ein Kuvert kommt hierbei nicht zum Einsatz. Dadurch lassen sich Portokosten einsparen. Ein Selfmailer ist oft erfolgreicher als ein Briefmailing. Zur Auswahl stehen verschiedene Formate. Das Endformat wird durch die Falzung des Mailings bestimmt. Ein transparenter Verschlusstab verschließt den Selfmailer so, daß er sicher versendet werden kann. 

convey target group specific messages with postcard mailings

Postcard mailing

Postkarten sind unverändert beliebt. Das Postkartenmailing besticht bereits durch seine hohe Papierqualität. Dabei stehen Format von A6, Maxi bis A4 zur Verfügung. Zudem lässt sich ein Postkartenmailing ebenso wie ein Briefmailing individuell persönlich adressieren.

Dialogue mail brings cost advantages

Finden beim Postkarten- wie auch beim Briefmailing die Dialogpost-Regeln der Deutschen Post Anwendung, lassen sich Portokosten einsparen. So ist beispielsweise auch dann ein Dialogpost-Porto möglich, wenn eine Maxi-Karte verwendet wird. Verwenden Unternehmen Postkarten, versehen mit einer UV-Lack-Beschichtung, kann eine noch bessere Wirkung erzielt werden. Für die persönliche Note auf Postkarten- und Briefmailings sorgt eine echte Briefmarke. Die Response-Rate lässt sich mit diesen einfachen Maßen beim Versenden von Werbebriefen wesentlich erhöhen.

When does my mailing - Dialogpost - reach the recipient?

Experience shows that a mailing sent as a dialogue reaches the recipient within four working days of the day of posting, from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Send mailings as dialog mail and save on postage costs

Comparison mailings vs. e-mail

Online marketing - keeping in touch with the customer with e-mails

One part of direct marketing deals with online marketing. This involves the sending of e-mails. With the help of these, contact with the customer can be maintained. Customer relationships can thus be maintained.

The great advantage of an e-mail is its high reachability. There is hardly any other marketing tool that can reach as many people with little effort as the email. The extremely high reach ensures maximum flexibility. E-mails can be used individually by almost anyone with Internet access. It is irrelevant on which continent the person is located.

However, caution is advised not to overdo it with the amount of emails. Emails quickly turn into spam mails. Then email marketing can be more annoying than beneficial. An untargeted scattering of e-mails should therefore be avoided as far as possible. The targeted use of target group-relevant topics has therefore emerged as a better variation option.

Advantages of direct mail

Despite e-mailing, direct mailings or postal mailings are still up-to-date today. Because especially a poster as an insert of a dialogue mail still has a great effect on the customer. And the effort for the preparation of the dialogue mail is also kept within limits. An individually labeled envelope is particularly well received by every recipient!

Direct mailings are preferably used for

  • Announcement of concerts
  • Pharmacies
  • Car dealerships
  • Gastronomic establishments
  • Hotels and guesthouses
  • Fashion Retail
  • Snack
  • Opticians
  • Perfumeries
  • Dispatch of training material
  • Dispatch of election documents


Direct mailing example for opticians

Enveloped advertising letters are extremely flexible in their use. With their help, the sender can decide who can receive the advertising. Furthermore, you alone decide what information your advertising letter contains, when your advertising campaign begins and at what time it ends. The addressee himself determines the size of the print run. This has a large advantage in particular for medium to smaller enterprises. This allows the advertising campaign to be ideally adapted to the prevailing order situation.

Direct mail is also very cost-effective. Companies can use it to draw customers' attention to a specific product or a targeted event. In this way, new products can be announced and presented to the public much better and faster.

The postal mailing is even suitable for cold calling. In contrast to e-mailing, the sender can also write directly to private individuals with whom there has not yet been any contact. However, this is only valid as long as the addresses of the possible recipients are publicly accessible. In addition these must be able to be taken from a telephone book. In addition, the recipients must be informed in the advertising letter that they have the opportunity to object to the advertising mailing at any time.

Another advantage of postal mailings is the reduced wastage. Compared to the classic advertising campaign, the recipient group can be specifically defined in advance. With classic advertising measures, on the other hand, numerous recipients also receive advertising that often does not belong to the desired target group. For companies with special target groups, advertising letters are an excellent medium for directly addressing their clientele.

And the positive thing about advertising mail, sent in the form of letters, is also that they end up in letterboxes even if they have a "no advertising" sticker on them. Sufficiently franked, with an individual signature, the sender of a direct mailing gives his recipient the impression of a special value. Last but not least, the feel also plays a decisive role. Because the customer grasps the advertising. And what is first held in the hand, everyone would rather own than that which is only visually present - as in the case of e-mailing, for example.

In order for the classic advertising letter to be used effectively by your company, it is advisable to take a few tips to heart:


  • Precise analysis of the target group and their wishes
  • Highlight the benefits of your special offer
  • Offer submission as irresistible as possible
  • Make the offer short, crisp and yet descriptive
  • Answering unspoken reader questions
  • Attract readers with a snappy headline
  • Compose the direct mail as understandable and simple as possible

What should I pay attention to when designing a mailing?

The structure of sales letters can be compared to those of a normal business letter. The only difference is that the mailing should be accompanied by a direct call to action.

Prof. Siegfried Vögele is considered the founder of dialogue marketing. He once described advertising letters as a sales talk on paper. Accordingly, it is up to you to design your sales letter in an appealing way. This succeeds best if you

  • Let emotions play into the design
  • Generate buying impulses
  • inspire confidence

Initial advertising measures can consist of using a postcard mailing to draw attention to your own company at internal events.

When designing your mailings, always focus on the existing needs of your target group. And bundle all relevant information in great detail so that, if possible, no questions remain unanswered for the addressee after reading the sales letter. A simple, easy-to-understand choice of words has proven itself here.

By choosing accurate headlines, you will quickly arouse the interest of your target group. If you also ensure a particularly eye-catching design, your sales letter will stand out considerably from other advertising measures in the recipient's daily mail.

Always formulate your arguments coherently and adhere to a certain structure. Leave no doubt about the benefits your customers can derive from the mailing. Use expressive images to visually enhance your advertising message and don't leave out response elements. In addition, a powerful appearance also provides a special eye-catcher.

When formulating and designing, always keep an eye on the structure as well as the text length. A fluently formulated appearance with well-chosen formatting and numerous paragraphs makes customers less likely to tire. Additional text design elements in the form of clearly arranged bullet points, small overviews and tables have a positive effect on the addressee. The reading flow is not disturbed by this, but rather enhanced.

To achieve recognition value, it is advisable to include house addresses. The use of personalisation has a particularly positive effect on direct mailings. The addressee feels directly addressed. Great importance should be attached to the correct spelling of the recipient's name and address.

At the end of the mailing, the sender can mark his signature in a different colour. Furthermore, it is recommended that the sender's name or the name of the person signing is also printed in block letters below the signature.

Below the closing formula, the offer can be briefly repeated. This helps the customer to remember it better.

How and where do I get addresses for my mailing?

Addresses are essential for success in dialogue marketing in order to get as close as possible to the desired target group. Spreading losses are kept extremely low with dialogue mailing. At the same time, the right addresses are responsible for the largest share of the marketing campaign's success.

According to your already existing customer base you are in possession of first contact addresses. You can acquire further addresses from Deutsche Post. But also chambers of industry and commerce offer the service of renting or selling suitable addresses.

In addition, you as the sender are free to use other creative ideas to find addresses. For example, new customers can be identified by cold calling. But also the use of newsletters helps to expand the existing customer base. Good newsletters are often recommended by satisfied customers.

Furthermore, the search engine Google offers itself for address research. If contacts to bloggers or journalists exist, they can be additionally addressed and included in the acquisition. In addition, press releases are a good way to make your own company better known. These can be distributed on the Internet as well as in offline media.

Distributing business cards and brochures can also acquire new customers. Small giveaways at trade fairs or other events are also ideal for this purpose. By placing print ads, there are further possibilities to get new contact addresses.

Yellow pages and telephone directories are just as suitable for address research as the use of telephone and address CDs. In the case of the latter, however, it is important to clarify in advance whether these may be used for this purpose.

In addition, use customers of other entrepreneurs. Especially in local areas there are good opportunities for cooperation. Through cooperation you have the chance to send advertising letters to the customers of another company.

A last possibility to get addresses for dialogue mailings is to buy addresses. These are offered by so-called B2B providers. The biggest advantage of this method is that the addresses are already selected by industry. In most cases, a personal contact person is known, which is particularly important for the individual approach in the sales letter.

Will my supplied addresses be used exclusively for my own mailing campaign?

Of course, we use the addresses you supply exclusively for your individual mailing campaigns. Data protection is our top priority. We always comply with the statutory data protection regulations.

What are the legal requirements for mailing?

Before sending a mailing, it is important to ensure that data protection is observed. In doing so, the sender must also always take into account that individual consent has been given by the customer.

On the one hand, the advertising company must observe § 4 BDSG. According to this, the collection, processing and use of personal data is only permitted if legal regulations allow this or if the customer has given his personal consent.

On the other hand, § 7 UWG must be observed. According to this, before the sender of the advertising, the customer must have previously given his consent to receive it. This mainly applies to email marketing.

In direct mailing, the sending of advertising letters is generally permitted. The only restriction is if a recipient has objected to the delivery in the letterbox by affixing a sticker. Furthermore, recipients have the option of informing the sender in writing that they do not wish to receive any further advertising letters in the future. In such a case, companies may no longer deliver mailings.

It is also worth noting that it is misleading for the sender to suggest to the recipient that the mailing is not an advertising campaign but an individual recommendation from a friend.

Datencheck: Sind die Postvorschriften eingehalten?

Das letzte Wort hat bei der Deutschen Post die Software der Sortieranlagen. Diese lesen die Anschriften und sortieren die Sendungen vollautomatisch. Wenn die Scanner die Adressen nicht deutlich lesen können, werden die Maschinen ausgebremst und die Post verlang dafür einen Aufschlag. Deshalb achten wir immer auf die Automationsfähigkeit Ihrer Mailings. Das betrifft die folgenden Kriterien :

  • Machine readable
  • Design of the inscription page
  • Machine capability
  • Einhaltung der Codierzone


How do the addresses and salutations get into my mailing?

Essential for the success of a mailing campaign are the addresses and the perfect salutation in the mailing. If an advertising letter has an incorrect address, it will not reach its target. In addition, such a mailing triggers a negative reaction in the recipient.

In the best case, you use your own address file to define your target group. Your own customers are always the best choice. Because here you can be sure to meet the greatest possible interest for your products or services. This is especially true if your customers were satisfied with you during a past purchase.

Addresses and the precise salutation of the recipients reach your mailing via a well-structured database.

Internationale Mailings

International mailings can be sent from as little as 50 items. naturally also sends mailings internationally as dialogue mail. This is already possible from a quantity of 50 pieces. In addition to the unit price, the weight is added, which is calculated individually.

The international dispatch of advertising letters is handled completely by us for you with subsequent postal service providers:


  • Asendia (subsidiary of France Poste and Swiss Post)
    Dispatch of dialogue mail to France as well as to Switzerland
  • Austrian Post
    Dispatch of dialogue mail to the Czech Republic and Austria


  • Deutsche Post
    Shipping possible worldwide

When is a mailing successful?

A mailing is successful if you can use it to sell information and products. If you achieve with your direct mailing that your target group reacts to the letter and enters into a dialogue with you, you come closer to your desired goal.

The most important aspect for a successful mailing is first of all the planning of the same. Take a professional approach to this. Ask yourself:


  • What do I want to achieve with the mailing?
  • Who do I want to reach? Target group, individual salutation
  • When do I want to reach my target group? Define a fixed time for sending out the advertising letters
  • What reaction do I want to trigger with my sales letter? Make sure that the inhibition threshold is as low as possible. Make it as easy as possible for the recipient to react.
  • How can I get the recipient to show a reaction? Motivate your readers by promising real added value. However, this must always be directly related to the service offered. A competition can also prompt a reaction.
  • What do I do in response to the response? Plan how the response can possibly be made - by mail, phone or post. Make sure the response is on target. Choose the same contact method.
  • How can I reward the responder? Show the customer your pleasure at the dialogue taking place. This can take the form of a small thank you gift.
  • How do I maintain further contact? Find out for yourself and the customer which frequency of contact is the right one. Too often can seem annoying, too little contact in turn might not be received as a dialogue.
  • How should I respond to non-responders? Try to continually seek dialogue. Build trust.
  • What budget do I have available? When planning, don't just consider the cost of the mailing itself. But also plan for the costs of follow-up campaigns, for example for give-aways, brochures, further e-mail or telephone campaigns.
  • How do I measure the success of the mailing? Plan and organize in advance all the steps that are conducive to success. Basic rule: No marketing campaign works without advertising coding. Clarify in advance which sales can be directly allocated to the advertising campaign and which require a distribution key.

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