Lettershop: complete service for your mailings

What does our lettershop do for you? 

We take care of all routine mailing tasks:

  • Planning and designing mailings
  • Print mailings
  • Addressing and personalization
  • Folding, perforating and inserting mailings
  • Postal delivery of the finished consignments

And you? You gain time for important things

You have more time for important things:

Attracting customers, processing orders or even freeing them up.

We produce your mailings climate neutral


Lettershop with production site in Erfurt

Our office building in Erfurt houses the warehouse, production and order preparation of the lettershop. Mailings are printed, addressed and enveloped here. The delivery address for your printed matter for further processing is:

Linderbacher Weg 30
99099 Erfurt

Please always plan deliveries with tail lift!

The Lettershop mailingdruck24.de is in the trade forum Linderbacher way in Erfurt

We have been producing mailings and other lettershop products at our Erfurt headquarters since 2010. 

Lettershop service

Our lettershop services at a glance

Mailing concept

Lettershop: Mailing conception by our creative team

  • Our lettershop designs and writes letter mailings, postcard mailings and self-mailers.
  • Layout and typesetting is carried out by our mailinger-proven creative team
Address research
  • for mailings with individual target groups we research and procure the appropriate addresses
Print mailings

Lettershop with own print shop: offset printing or digital printing of all mailing components

  • Offset printing or digital printing of all mailing components, e.g. letterheads, postcards, self-mailers and envelopes
  • short and long runs
  • Finishing with UV varnish, scented varnish, etc.
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Address printing and personalization
  • postal addressing and personalization of postcards, letters and envelopes
  • Addressing or personalization of brochures and catalogues for open mailing (without envelope)
  • Imprinting of further individual elements such as salutation, QR codes, barcodes, etc.
  • Image personalization
  • white personalization on dark envelopes
Mail delivery

Postal delivery of various mailings

All inclusive: When you calculate mailings in our calculator, the final lettershop price already includes postal delivery.

And this is how it works: After your mailing has been printed and packaged, the letters and postcards - pre-sorted - go to Deutsche Post's 99 mail center. Standard letters usually reach their destination the following day; Dialogpost (Infopost) takes a little longer.

Lettershop: Sample of a 4-color printed envelope with Infopost wave
Cheap postage with Dialogpost

Postage optimization

The postal knowledge of our lettershop saves you money. The possibilities for your mailings are almost as varied as the postal regulations. And we know them. The best thing to do is to start planning your mailing campaign together, for example with the choice of paper, the number of items or the right envelope size, and find the perfect package. Guaranteed!


A self-mailer is always well received:
Speak directly to your customers, submit your Offers, promote your Marketing campaigns or Discount promotions. We are happy to advise you on your projects and offer you the all-round lettershop service:
Tabbing of self-mailers in the lettershop

  • Concept
  • Production
  • Addressing
  • Postage optimization
  • Mail delivery
more info about Selfmailers >>
Inserting service

Inserting service from Mailingdruck24

  • mechanical enveloping from DIN A6 format to large letters
  • up to 5 components in one envelope
  • Enveloping of brochures and catalogues

manual processing

  • enveloping of letters in special formats
  • dispensing of business cards, product samples and response amplifiers


more info here >>
Printing and gluing labels
  • Print and apply labels in different sizes
  • Label printing for press shipments from easily removable label material
Postwurf and Postwurfspezial - reaching all households

Postwurf and Postwurf Special

  • Target group research according to various sociological, demographic and statistical characteristics
  • Potential count for your mailings as direct mail (POSTAKTUELL)
  • Data transfer from DPAG
  • Partial addressing with post conform software
  • Fulfillment, packing and mail delivery
Cover print

4-colour cover printing

  • Cover printing from DIN A6 to DIN C4
  • printed envelopes, mailing envelopes and envelopes
  • Addressing envelopes
  • Printing of logo, sender and campaign information on the envelope
  • Edition already from 100 copies
  • Short runs in digital printing
  • long runs in offset printing


Learn more about cover printing here >>
Your lettershop for all types of mailings, self-mailers also possible in smaller runs
Lettershop example: Complete mailing for opticians as dialog mail

Mailing concept

  • Our lettershop designs and writes letter mailings, postcard mailings and self-mailers.
  • Layout and typesetting is carried out by our mailinger-proven creative team

Print mailings

  • Offset printing or digital printing of all mailing components, e.g. letterheads, postcards, self-mailers and envelopes
  • short and long runs
  • Finishing with UV varnish, scented varnish, etc.

Stamp letters

Franking service for standard letters and dialogue mail (Infopost)

As a service partner of Deutsche Post, we have all the necessary information and technology for franking your mailing campaign. Always up to date. Always with the best price for you. Our franking service relieves you of the burden of processing your business mail. Instead of laboriously affixing stamps or buying an expensive franking machine, you can simply outsource this annoying and cumbersome activity. We offer an all-round carefree package for all your franking needs.

We do not store your business mail - it is always franked and sent by post on the same day. This gives you the certainty that your mail will reach the desired addresses as quickly as possible. Correct franking with the correct postage is a matter of course for us. We are equipped with all the necessary equipment to ensure that your business mail is always franked correctly.

Gluing real stamps with mailingdruck24.de

  • Order processing franking service
  • Franking with franking machines
  • Franking with real stamps (sticking stamps)
Lettershop mailing DIN long as Infopost/Dialogpost with logo imprint 4-colored in digital printing with mailingdruck24.de
This mailing was printed, addressed, franked and handed over to the mail centre in the lettershop.

Mailing examples for you at a glance

Mailing example from our lettershop: addressed cover letter and colour printed second sheet
Lettershop sample for a complete mailing combined from a classic mailing and postcard mailing - with mailingdruck24.de
Example of a complete mailing with individual salutation and 4-colour printed envelope with window: cover letter, postcard, envelope with colour logo printing
Lettershop mailing example DIN-long envelope with window, cover letter and enclosed flyer with mailingdruck24.de
Lettershop example for a selfmailer 6-sided with detachable coupon designed and sent with mailingdruck24.de
Lettershop example for a DIN-long mailing in the dispatch as dialogue post with mailingdruck24.de

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Data protection

Lettershop example of a postcard mailing as a maxi postcard sent as dialogue mail with mailingdruck24.de
Our lettershop standard: mail-ready personalization of postcards with mailingdruck24.de
Our lettershop standard: Postcard mailings in DIN long, Maxi and DIN A6

What is a lettershop?

A Lettershop is a company that processes mailings (advertising letters), catalogs or other personalized items and transfers them to Deutsche Post or other shipping services.

Lettershops are the professionals for addressing and enveloping

In the lettershop, the components of a mailing to be personalized are personalized using laser or inkjet processes. The personalization is primarily addresses, but also salutations, coupon codes and other flexible texts or images are applied. The flexible components are read from a database and integrated into the final document using powerful software for print output.

In addition, the components of the mailing are inserted into the envelope or shrink-wrapped in foil in the lettershop. This is done with inserting or shrink-wrapping machines. The Lettershop advises you on the selection of the appropriate envelopes and printed envelopes.

The lettershop supports its customers in planning a mailing. By selecting the right paper weights and formats and optimizing postage, he ensures that customers do not have to pay too much postage.

Call free of charge ...

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Mailingdruck24 - the lettershop you can trust from Erfurt

Lettershop? I have a question!

What does your lettershop deliver?

Our lettershop delivers:

  • Letterhead
  • Flyers, folders and handouts
  • Vouchers and coupons
  • Business cards
  • Envelopes and envelope covers
  • Catalogues and brochures
  • Postcard mailings
  • Selfmailer with reply card
  • Postaktuell (direct mail)
Your advantage: You receive printed matter and lettershop services from a single source.

Is our address data safe with you?

A lettershop is subject to the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act. All employees are instructed in the data protection regulations. Any residual personalised printed matter is disposed of in accordance with data protection regulations. Address data is physically deleted after completion of the order and is not stored on our servers. Details can be found in the linked document DATENSCHUTZ IM LETTERSHOP.

Data protection in the lettershop

What are the delivery times in your lettershop?

we need an average of 4 working days from receipt of your data to dispatch if it is a flyer, self-mailer or postcard.

Simple letter mailings often leave our lettershop within two days.

Order duration Lettershop

What is a good lettershop and how can I recognise one?

Even in the age of the Internet, direct mail and postal advertising letters are still among the most promising forms of advertising. While advertising on TV, radio and the Internet often just sprinkles us or even annoys us, we compulsively take a printed advertising message in our hands when we pick it up from the letterbox. We take a deliberate look and often read on to see what the sender has to tell us. The acceptance and attention span in written dialogue marketing is significantly higher and the advertising campaign is therefore more successful.

What does a lettershop actually do?

However, many steps are necessary before such a mailing is in the recipient's mailbox. This is exactly where the lettershop comes into play. He specializes in the sometimes quite different steps that are necessary to turn an idea into a functioning mailing. That begins with mailingdruck24.de already with the conception. Because with a printed and postally dispatched Mailing there are many things to consider.

The core competencies of a lettershop are printing and customising, folding, inserting or foiling, addressing and franking. This also includes the dispensing of product samples or discount cards and the merging of different printed materials. For all these small work steps we use special machines, which serve to handle large masses in a short time and also make small quantities affordable.

In addition to processing mailings, preparing them for mailing is an important task of the lettershop. It already takes postage costs into account during production and therefore influences one of the largest cost blocks. A lettershop that masters postage optimization sometimes saves more than it ultimately costs. It is not unusual for the full service to end with the lettershop handing over the pre-sorted mailings to the delivery service provider.

Infographic Lettershop
Online lettershop: You supply the data. We print, address, envelope and deliver your mailings to the post office.

Infographic: What a lettershop does

How can I recognise a good lettershop?

The success of a mailing is therefore not insignificantly in the hands of the lettershop. That's why you should choose a competent partner who will provide you with reliable support throughout the entire production and dispatch process. The following factors help to identify a good lettershop.

Advice and individuality

As already indicated, there are many things to consider in a mailing. What type of mailing is appropriate for the promotional goal? How thick should the paper be? Where do you get the addresses of the target audience? What does the postage cost? Questions upon questions that are best discussed with a professional. Because every decision has an impact on the success and the costs of the mailing. That's why we always advise our customers individually.

Cost transparency

The costs for a sales letter are made up of many different items. They depend, for example, on the printing technique, the thickness of the paper, the method of enveloping and addressing, and the method of dispatch. In addition, there are special services such as the insertion of small gifts. So that there is no nasty surprise on the bill in the end, customers should have the opportunity to find out all the costs of a lettershop in advance. Mailingdruck24.de offers a mailing calculator for 100 percent cost control, with the help of which you can already find out the exact costs during an initial search.

Address service and data protection

The most important thing in mailing is the addresses, because without them even the best advertising letter will not reach its target - with the exception of direct mail. Collecting, managing and maintaining addresses is a very time-consuming business, which is why most customers resort to external address databases. A good lettershop can help with the procurement of target group-specific addresses. Regardless of whether the lettershop procures the addresses or the customer supplies them - the handling of personal data requires special sensitivity. Check in advance whether the provider makes a statement on the subject on its website. If so, he takes data protection seriously and is trustworthy in this respect.


Precisely because there are so many possibilities to design a mailing, the experience aspect should also be taken into account when choosing a provider. Lettershops with many years of experience know, for example, exactly which mailing goes down well with which target group and which means are used to achieve a high response rate. They are also more experienced in production and usually maintain a close relationship with the delivery service provider.

Address correction

Good lettershops offer automatic address correction, in which all addresses are checked for plausibility. In this way, for example, incorrect numbers in the postcodes are detected and corrected. Such an address correction ensures that the delivery rate of the mailing is almost 100 percent and that the customer does not give away any money unnecessarily.

Postage optimization

Every delivery service provider offers a variety of cost-effective rates for sending large quantities. A good lettershop not only determines the best possible rate, but also advises its customers on postage costs during the planning phase. After all, factors such as weight and size of the shipment are decisive for the subsequent shipping costs.

On-time delivery

Many mailings are occasion-related, which is why it is often relevant that they are delivered on time. This is also the case, for example, if the advertising campaign is linked to a promotion such as a competition or a discount for a certain period. A good lettershop is therefore also characterized by the fact that it forecasts a realistic schedule and ultimately adheres to it.

What is postage optimization?

Save postage when mailing

Optimizing postage is a small science in itself.
It is important to have detailed knowledge of the many different postal regulations.

Postage optimization is the procedure for determining the most favorable letter postage for mass mailings.


  • the number of addresses,
  • the regional distribution of beneficiaries,
  • the letter weight
  • and the envelope size


Postage optimization can often result in significant savings on mailing costs.

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Data protection

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Save postage through clever planning

Our Lettershop can give you valuable tips already during the planning of a mailing, e.g. to save quite a few euros on postage by choosing a different paper or a smaller envelope. Generally speaking, bulk mailing of letters enables enormous savings compared to standard mailing.

With us you always get the cheapest postage for your planned mailing!
Simply call us at: 0361-6605331.

Postage optimisation for dialogue mail. Determination of the most favourable postage for your mailings.

Here are a few tips on how to optimise your next mailing campaign.
The calculated savings always refer to Dialogopost.

Postage optimisation through the choice of paper thickness and letter weight

People like to use 90-gram paper instead of the widely used 80-gram standard paper. This gives the letter a better feel. The mailing looks more valuable.

But be careful! In the case of a mailing with three sheets as content, the thicker paper means that the letter weighs 22 grams. This means higher postage. This increases the price of Dialogpost from 28 cents to 35 cents:
. This adds up to an extra € 280.00 for 4,000 letters.

So, better switch to 80-gram paper ...

Flyer: Do I use 135-gram or 170-gram paper?

A common mailing variation looks like this:

  • 1 cover letter four-coloured
  • 1 flyer DIN long six-sided - the classic widely used folding flyer
  • 1 window envelope

Here, too, it pays to look carefully when planning. If you choose a nice 170-gram paper for the flyer, the total weight of the letter rises above the 20-gram limit. the mailing becomes more expensive. Again, the price difference per 1,000 letters adds up to €80.00.

So always consider the total weight of the letter and save on postage!

What does postage optimization have to do with shipping volume?

For nationwide mailings at the Dialogpost rate, the unit price for 4,000 letters or more is €0.28 per letter. Lower posting quantities are charged at a unit price of €0.38. This is then called Dialogpost Easy.

Due to the surcharges explained above, the postage costs for 3,400 letters, for example, are just as high as for 4,000 letters. If you are sending such quantities, it may be worthwhile to write to a few more addresses.

If you make full use of the extra charge difference up to 4,000 letters, you can send 600 more letters at the same total postage cost.

Lettershop costs will increase only slightly as a result.

Additional payments

With postage optimisation, we calculate the cheapest postage variant from the addresses supplied.

To qualify for the lower Dialogpost rate, you need 4,000 copies for nationwide delivery or 200 copies where the routing area (the first two digits of the postal code) matches.

This quantity can also be achieved by a so-called surcharge:
If a few copies are missing the minimum quantity of 200 pieces in a lead area, then settlement can be made as follows:

  • 150 real letters
  • 50 virtual letters (surcharges)
  • Result: The minimum quantity of 200 letters is reached.

The resulting postage (200 x 028 = 56,00 €) is, despite the higher total number of pieces, more favourable
than the settlement of the 150 letters at standard postage (150 x 0,7 = 105,00 €).

If these quantities are not reached, the mailing is split: By optimizing the postage, we determine how many letters can be sent as dialogue mail and how many letters must be billed at the standard postage rate.


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