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Video: Machine inserting

We like to envelope!

Enveloping by hand can be tedious.
Save yourself and your staff frustrating hours and tedious manual work when inserting letters. Give us your letters.

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Enveloping pricesEnveloping of:

  • Mailings and letters in all sizes
  • Catalogues and brochures
  • Bills
  • Invitations
  • and much more
How to envelope

The mechanical inserting of letters is carried out with the help of inserting machines and inserting systems.

The envelopes used in this process are important: Machine-ready envelopes are slightly larger than standard envelopes (229 x 115 mm for standard letters) and they are wet-adhesive. These special envelopes are automatically fed into the inserter and opened. From several feeding stations the other components of the mailing are also drawn in and collected.

All mailing components are folded to the appropriate size and everything together is slipped into the envelope flap. The gum on the envelope flap is moistened with the help of a brush or a felt. The envelope is then transported on with the contents, automatically closed and glued.

Finally, the finished enveloped letters are sorted into mailboxes and handed in together with the posting forms to Deutsche Post or the delivery service of your choice.

You can find out prices for enveloping in a flash in the mailing calculator

Statistics: In which envelopes do we envelope?

  • Enveloping in standard letter DIN long 61 61% 61%
  • Enveloping in envelopes for A5 9 9% 9%
  • Enveloping of large letters A4 15 15% 15%
  • Enveloping in transparent envelopes 3 3% 3%
  • Enveloping in square envelopes 2 2% 2%

Enveloping all inclusive

These services are always included in our envelope inserting offers:

  • Consulting
  • fast offer
  • Calculation online
  • Postage optimization
  • Mail delivery
Enveloping letters is quick and easy with mailingdruck!
Enveloping of mailings, letters, serial letters, invoices, invitations and flyers

Enveloping: How does the price come about?

The prices for enveloping depend on many factors:

  • What is the circulation?
  • How quickly should your mailing be enveloped?
  • How many components does your mailing consist of?
  • Can envelopes be inserted by machine?
  • Is manual labour necessary for enveloping?
  • Do the mailing components need to be printed?
  • Is there more than one personalized mailing component?
Envelope letters at mailingdruck24.de
The machine inserting of letters is of course also possible with transparent envelopes.

Enveloping in transparent envelopes

Questions about enveloping

How long do we need to envelope?

Most orders leave our premises one or two days after delivery. We envelope quickly and then the finished enveloped mailings already go into the post.


How do you make sure that there are not too many sheets in the envelope?

Our inserting technology is equipped with very sensitive double-sheet controls. If one sheet too many enters the envelope, the machine stops and ejects the faulty envelope for inspection.



Do you insert into transparent film envelopes by machine?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Due to the low thickness of the envelopes, such film envelopes (adhesive seal pockets) can only be filled manually. In this case, it is advisable to use film sealing instead of manual insertion.




How many parts can you envelope?

We can fill up to 5 parts in one envelope with our inserting machines.



Can wrap-around flyers be enveloped?

Many inserting machines cannot process folders and flyers that are produced in a wrap fold or gate fold. The take-off rollers of the machine pull up the flyers, so that no safe transport in the inserter is guaranteed. You can avoid this problem by using the inserting service of mailingdruck.de. Our machines have specific feeders. All types of folds can be processed safely.




Can recycled material be enveloped?

Yes, that is also possible. With our modern inserting systems, we can insert recycled material just as reliably as printing paper from standard production.





From how many pieces is it worthwhile to insert by machine?

Machine inserting makes sense for print runs of 500 or more. If you do everything yourself, you lose time for important things.




What envelope formats can we use for inserting?

We fill envelopes of the following formats

  • DIN C6/5 (229 x 114) mm for standard letters,
  • DIN C5 (229 x 162 mm) and
  • DIN C4 ( 324 x 229 mm).

We use wet adhesive machine envelopes.





The things we can envelope:

Basically, we can pack anything that can be sent in an envelope. Here is a small excerpt of standard envelopes and more unusual things that we have already sent for customers:

  • Mailings
  • Invitations
  • Offers
  • Bills
  • Order confirmations
  • Greeting cards
  • Vouchers
  • Business cards
  • Sticker
  • Books
  • Flyer
  • Folder
  • Brochures
  • Chocolate Santas
  • Grape sugar bars
  • Trade fair vouchers
  • Tea bags
  • Bagged soups

envelope invoices

Dispatch daily, weekly, monthly - as you wish

envelope and dispatch invoices

No more stress when sending invoices

We take over the data and print out your invoices. The invoices are enveloped immediately and we put them in the post. You determine the desired mailing frequency yourself. Daily, weekly or monthly invoice dispatch is possible.

Automatic enveloping or manual enveloping

Automatic enveloping

The sum of the parts: Your mailing campaign consists of different content? Great! Our high-performance technical park is already waiting for your order! The contents are collated by machine, folded if necessary and then sealed. Since we can work with high cycle rates, even large quantities arrive on time to your customers in high quality.

Manual enveloping

Not everything can be processed by machine. Fancy shapes or mailing campaigns with more than 6 components are therefore enveloped manually at mailingdruck24.de.

Overview of inserting machines


Inserting machines (or also called inserting systems) insert letters into envelopes fully automatically. The automation saves a lot of time and at the same time high quantities are possible.

KAS Mailmaster Compact

  • Manufacturer KAS Great Britain,
  • Sales and service by Kern AG, Switzerland
  • Production system for longer runs
  • Enveloping of letters, greeting and invitation cards as well as reply envelopes and brochures from DIN long to DIN C4
  • up to 5,000 cycles / hour

FPI 4020 and FPI 4030

  • Manufacturer Francotyp Postalia, Germany
  • short set-up times with high flexibility
  • ideal for small and medium runs
  • mechanical enveloping from DIN A6 to DIN C5
  • up to 2,500 cycles / hour

Neopost DS 90-i

  • Manufacturer Neopost International
  • very flexible machine with 5 feeders
  • ideal for medium and long runs
  • mechanical enveloping from DIN A6 to DIN C5
  • up to 4,500 cycles / hour
  • with OMR reading

The perfect enveloping week

  • Monday: The customer calls. He wants to send 5,812 letters as Dialogpost (Infopost). We give advice over the phone and send a quote for printing and inserting the letters.
  • Tuesday: We send a release file from the data sent by our customer. Word or PDF files and the address data are turned into a personalized sample for approval. Then everything goes to print, of course in best offset quality.
  • Wednesday: Our customer would also like printed envelopes. Gladly! We print the logo as requested on the envelope.
  • Thursday: The letters are addressed and immediately inserted. We fold and insert all letters with high-performance inserting machines and deliver them directly to the Deutsche Post mail centre.
  • Friday: The letters are on their way, everyone is happy. Relaxed we go into the weekend (without enveloping ;-))

Enveloping letters is cool?

Enveloping can be exhausting: Anyone who has ever folded 2,387 letters, put them in an envelope, which finally had to be sealed, has gained three insights into the dispatch of Dialogpost (Infopost):

  1. He now knows all the operations involved in the manual insertion of letters in detail
  2. He doesn't want to do this wonderful work again. (Unless he is a masochist)
  3. He appreciates the advantages of a flexible inserting service provider

Enveloping: An addressed cover letter and folder are inserted into a printed envelope.

Mailing ready for enveloping: Printed envelope, addressed letter in four-color printing and a freshly printed six-page information flyer - all from one source!

Enveloping: A mail container filled with enveloped letters...

Video: Enveloping

Enveloping with our KAS Mailmaster Compact


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