White printing - when you want your mailings and printed matter to stand out

Colored envelopes with white personalization

Sending letters: Why not be elegant?

The same horror every day when the door of the letterbox opens with a squeak. In uniform monotony, pure or old white, grey and a dull green of the authorities determine the picture. Not a pretty sight. Admit it: you'd love to throw the whole mess away.

But wait ... what's shimmering out of the back there? An elegant, dark envelope with striking white addressing and a company logo in the same colour. That looks quite different! So while the usual advertising rubbish goes straight into the bin, take this envelope with interest in your hand, after all, the unconventional look alone promises an interesting content.

This is what it could look like with your customer. And you as the sender are at your destination!

White printing on coloured paper or kraft paper

Standing out from the crowd is the order of the day - but with style and class. Positive. That's exactly what you can achieve with coloured envelopes in dark shades of with contrasting white personalisation. This will make you stand out positively from most of the other standard mail that is sent out every day, and will make you much more likely to be noticed. An important aspect when it comes to the opening rate and ultimately the success of your mailing!

But not only that: the customer directly associates your shipment with something of high value - another effect that should not be underestimated and can open valuable doors for you!

The quality

Our offered, coloured envelopes with white personalization are manufactured in highest quality for you. This means: high-quality paper, rich, opaque colours and imprints with a laser-sharp finish using an innovative digital printing process. This means that your items make a very good impression, even at second glance. You should not be satisfied with anything less.

Customize colored envelopes with white personalization

At Umschlagprofi.de you have the option of customising the envelopes (e.g. reply envelopes) to suit your individual needs. In addition to the franking mark, you can adapt the address as you wish and add your company logo to the envelopes. It is also easy to integrate a promotional text. The whole thing works very simply online, without any additional software.


Black envelope with white print: logo and personalization in white, another logo in color

White printing in the digital process. Even small print runs in impressive quality are possible. Ideal e.g. for invitations and envelopes.

Coloured envelopes with white printing

White printing at mailingdruck24: Your advantages

Don't get bogged down in the uniformity of standard white and grey envelopes anymore! With our coloured envelopes with white personalisation, it's easy to do. The advantages at a glance:

  • Extremely high attention value
  • Elegant and high quality appearance
  • High material quality & processing
  • Envelopes can be customized as desired (directly in the shop)
  • Order possible from 100 pieces

Design your coloured envelopes with white personalisation right now. It couldn't be quicker or easier!

White printing: Small and medium print runs printed in white - on coloured material or kraft paper

Menus, invitations or similar printed matter look particularly classy if the material used is printed in white.

Print white

What is so special about white printing?

Digital printing with white

Take a look at your color printer.
Do you see the cartridge with white ink?
There you go - that's the problem.

In the common printing processes, the printing inks cyan, magenta, yellow and black are used. White areas simply remain unprinted. But this only works with white printing material, with coloured paper it will not work. That is why digital white printing works with WHITE as a fifth printing colour.

The white toner can be used opaque on colored background. This allows you to achieve great effects that not everyone can reproduce so easily. Even the addressing of envelopes or invitations in white font is possible, because the digital printing process does not require any printing plates.

White printing on kraft paper - Envelopes or invitations made of kraft paper with white or coloured printing

Kraft paper & white print make a real eye-catching combination for envelopes, wedding invitations or hangtags!

Digital printing in white - this is how it works

Kure procedure description digital white print


Summary information and pictures about digital white printing

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