Dialogue mail

Advertise successfully and save postage

Occasions for dialogue mail

Image advertising - Donation letters - Congratulations - Election advertising - Bonus mailings - Price offers - Invitations


What is Dialogpost?

Dialogpost ist ein Tarif der Deutschen Post für den kostengünstigen Versand inhaltsgleicher werblicher Informationen wie Firmenvorstellungen, Produktpräsentationen und Veranstaltungseinladungen. Als Dialogpost können Briefe, Selfmailer, Postkarten oder Broschüren versendet werden. Bestimmte postalische und inhaltliche Vorgaben müssen bei diesen Mailings eingehalten werden. Es gibt die Untertarife Dialogpost Easy (früher Infobrief) und Dialogpost International.

What can be sent as dialogue mail?

Prerequisite for the dispatch as dialogue post are:

  • Content equality
  • promotional character
  • Automation capability and machine readability
  • Sorting by postal code
  • Compliance with certain minimum quantities.

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Franking types for dialogue mail: franking wave (dialogue mail wave), abbreviated franking mark and stamps - everything is possible

How can you recognize Dialogpost? How must Dialogpost be franked? The Dialogpost wave (1) is used most frequently. The abbreviated franking mark (2) or real stamps (3) are less common.

You have less than 3,300 addresses in your list?

Then you have to pay the Deutsche Post € 0.45 for each letter!

That does not have to be: We will be happy to show you cost-saving alternatives!
Please send us your request and - for data protection reasons
- only the postcode column from your address table for the time being.

You will receive a postage saving offer from us,
which will put a smile on your face!

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Prices Dialogue Mail

Minimum quantity 5,000 letters nationwide or
200 letters for the same routing region

Dialogue mail standard up to 20 grams

length 140 - 235 mm, width 90 - 125 mm, letter thickness up to 5 mm

Postcard 0,28 € *
Letter 0,30 €

* plus 19% VAT 

Dialogue mail standard 21 to 50 gram

length 140 - 235 mm, width 90 - 125 mm, thickness up to 5 mm

0,35 € *
* plus 19% VAT

Dialogue Mail Large

length 140 - 353 mm, width 90 - 250 mm, thickness up to 30 mm,
also square formats are possible


Letter weight Porto 
1 - 50 gram 0,45 € *
51 - 100 gram 0,58 € *
101 - 250 gram 0,72 € *
251 - 500 gram 0,79 € *
501 - 1000 gram 0,92 € *
  * plus 19% VAT 

Prices Dialogpost Easy

Minimum quantity 500 letters nationwide 

Prices Dialogpost Easy

Minimum quantity 500 letters

Dialogpost Easy standard letter up to 20 grams

length 140 - 235 mm, width 90 - 125 mm, thickness up to 5 mm

Postcard 0,43 € *
Letter 0,45 € *

* plus 19% VAT 

Dialogpost Easy 21 to 50 gram

length 140 - 235 mm, width 90 - 125 mm, letter thickness up to 5 mm

0,50 € *

* plus 19% VAT 

Dialogpost Easy Large Letter

As Dialogpost Easy, postings of 500 items or more are possible nationwide. The rate for large letters is €0.10 more expensive than Dialogpost.

length 140 - 353 mm, width 90 - 250 mm, thickness up to 30 mm,
also square formats are possible

Large letters Postage Dialogpost Easy
1 - 50 gram 0,60 € *
51 - 100 gram 0,73 € *
101 - 250 gram 0,87 € *
251 - 500 gram 0,94 € *
501 - 1000 gram 1,07 € *
  * plus 19% VAT 

Prices Dialogue Mail International

Dialogue Mail International

Minimum quantity 50 letters / items

Dialogpost International 's shipping rates are based on a combination of a unit price and a weight price.

The unit price is

  • Economy shipping (most economical shipping method)
    from 1.1.2021 > € 0.62
  • Priority shipping (fastest shipping method)
    from 1.1.2021 > €0.66
  • plus weight factor in the amount of € 8.00 per kilogramme

Calculation example

1500 letters of 25 gram each
1500 x 0,62 € 930,00 € *
1500 x 25 g = 37,50 kg x 8,00 € 300,00 € *
Total 1.230,00 € *
* plus 19% VAT  1.463,70 €

Minimum quantities for dialogue mail

How to save properly if you have less than 3,300 letters

Minimum quantities

for dialogue mail (0,30 € up to 20 Gr.)

  • 200 letters per routing region (the first two digits of the postal code are the same) or
  • 5,000 letters nationwide

for Dialogpost Easy (0,45 € up to 20 Gr.)

  • 500 letters nationwide

You have less than 3,300 addresses in your list?

Then you have to pay the Deutsche Post € 0.45 for each letter!

That does not have to be: We will be happy to show you cost-saving alternatives!
Please send us your request and - for data protection reasons
- only the postcode column from your address table for the time being.

You will receive a postage saving offer from us,
which will put a smile on your face!

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What may be sent as dialogue mail?

Dialogue mail 2020 only for advertising content

Advertising? Clearly: All broadcasts that serve to attract and retain customers and members.
Invitations to buy or use products and services, image advertising and
company presentations are just as much a part of this as free offers.

The main content is used for classification. If, for example, a new contact person in the company is introduced in the cover letter and an advertising flyer is enclosed, the mailing is still considered a non-promotional item.



Changed conditions for Dialogpost / Infopst 2020

For some time now, there have been various letter items which, due to their content, may not be sent with Deutsche Post at the low Dialogpost rate. You can find all the details here.

These contents can be sent as dialogue mail

  • Image advertising and product offers
  • Price promotions
  • Party advertising
  • Invitations to events such as exhibitions, raffles or city festivals
  • Bonus notifications in connection with offers
  • Customer magazines
  • Fundraising appeals
  • Congratulations
  • Customer cards (no replacement cards)
  • Communications with free samples, specimens and promotional items
  • Parish newsletters, parish newsletters (see publication on evangelisch.de)

Bonus mailings & vouchers as dialogue mail

Expensive mistakes lurk here. Read what you can write in the bonus mailing and which wording you should avoid at all costs.

These contents cannot be sent as dialogue post

  • Invitations to shareholders' meetings or annual general meetings
  • Invitations to general meetings
  • Membership cards, annual and business reports
  • Market research and opinion polling
  • Information on change of name, business takeovers, company relocations, etc.
  • concrete usage information for an existing contract (e.g. credit cards, insurance)
  • general customer information such as changes to general terms and conditions, travel documents or order confirmations
  • Contract terms, amendments, terminations
  • public announcements or notices
  • Recalls, queries and requirements
  • Invoices and requests for payment
  • Price lists and notices
  • Election notices
  • Publications (subscription and press products)
  • Employee newsletters and invitations to employees

Save postage

Invitations to member meetings and market research can no longer be sent as dialogue mail in 2020.
Use our discounted standard letterrate option for this. You save money compared to the standard postage of Deutsche Post.


  • Letter up to 20 gram 0,70 € * instead of 0,80 €
    You save net 0,10 € **
  • Compact letter 0,85 € * instead of 0,95 €
    Net saving 0,10 € **
  • Large letter 1,40 € * instead of 1,55 €
    You save net 0,15 € **

    * Prices plus VAT. Valid from 100 copies.
    ** For senders who are not subject to VAT,
    the saving is lower.

Automation capability

Equally important for Deutsche Post are the machine readability and automation capability of the letters. The aim is to achieve short runtimes in the sorting machines.

  • Compliance with the franking and coding zone
  • Sorting by postal code
  • Design of the address field

Items that are not eligible for automation under the Postal Service's criteria will be penalized with a surcharge of 5 cents per item.

Franking marks / Dialogue mail wave - Download

Overview of the different franking types of Dialogpost

Dialogue mail items can be franked in various ways. Below you can see some examples and the associated downloads.

Envelope with dialogue mail wave

Frankierwelle / Dialogpostwelle 

Die Frankierwelle bzw. Dialogpostwelle ist die preiswerteste und am weitesten verbreitete Form, automatisiertes Porto auf einen Brief aufzubringen. Dieses Frankieren ist nur für den Versand innerhalb Deutschlands zulässig. Sie eignet sich besonders für Sendungen ohne Marketingabsichten.

Pure employee information, specific customer mail or the processing of official obligations is virtually predestined for this franking. If no requirements are placed on the design of the envelope and the postage mark, franking wave is the smartest choice for items within Germany.

Envelope with abbreviated franking mark

The abbreviated franking mark

The abbreviated franking mark is a particularly efficient way of sending a mail item. The envelope remains completely untouched and could theoretically be reused. But the really interesting thing about this form is its discreet appearance. The mail item makes a particularly trustworthy and valuable impression, so that careless disposal is avoided in most cases. This franking method is also suitable for elaborately designed envelopes which should not be disfigured by the stamp and postmark. This gives you a very special freedom when designing your envelopes.

Envelope with international postage paid impression

International franking mark

Der internationale Frankiervermerk wird verwendet, um Mailings ins Ausland zu schicken. Er kann nur beim internationalen Versand von Dialogpost verwendet werden.

Dialogue mail with your own imprinted stamp motif

Dialogpostwelle mit eigenem Briefmarkenmotiv

Ein besonderes Highlight ist die Dialogpostwelle mit eigenem Briefmarkenmotiv. Mit diesem Feature der Extraklasse können Sie Ihr Unternehmen, Ihren Messeauftritt oder ihren Event als hochoffizielles Ereignis erscheinen lassen.

Die frei gestaltbare „Briefmarke“ wird in der gewohnten Weise in der rechten oberen Ecke platziert und durch den Stempel verifiziert. Das macht ihre Dialogpost  zu einem besonderen Hingucker, welcher seine Wirkung nicht verfehlen wird.

The Dialogpost wave as a franking mark

Franking mark / Dialogue mail wave from 1.1.2016 - Download

Dialogue mail is identified by the dialogue mail wave (franking wave) as the franking mark. The wave is printed on the top right of the letter or postcard in the franking zone.

The abbreviated franking mark

Alternative to the Dialogpost wave - shortened franking mark Dialogpost from 1.7.2019 - Download

By using the abbreviated franking mark, you save yourself the trouble of printing on the envelopes when labelling your Dialogpost items.

Franking marks and posting lists

Dialogpost und Dialogpost Easy

Download: Posting lists for dialogue mail dispatch and dialogue mail wave / franking marks

Envelopes with dialogue mail wave


Dialogue mail envelopes with window

Envelopes with Dialogue Mail Wave 2019

Posting list Dialogpost National 2019

Dialogpost posting list for download

Posting list Dialogpost National 2020

Download posting list Dialogpost National 2020 (pdf) The PDF file must be saved and opened locally, as it is not possible to fill it out in the browser!

Posting list Dialogpost International 2018

Posting list Dialogpost International

Download posting list Dialogpost International 2020 (pdf) The PDF file must be saved and opened locally, as it is not possible to fill it out in the browser!

Dialogue mail: Higher postage from 2020

Advertising with mailings will become more expensive in 2020. Therefore, plan a few euros more for your dialogue marketing campaigns. The effort is worth it, as the response rates for mailings are still unbeatable. This is especially true if you write to your regular customers.

Put more effort into planning your mailings. Discuss details with your lettershop as early as the planning phase. Perfect pre-planning, even better texts, appealing haptics and finishes are the guarantee for successful mailings with high response rates.

These are the new Dialogpost prices

How much of an increase you get depends on three things:

  1. from the type of mailing
  2. from the number of letters
  3. from the contents of the letters

1. difference letter / postcard

Advantage for the postcard

Postcards are preferred in the new mailing prices. Deutsche Post is not raising prices in the Dialogpost Karte rate. You can still send Dialogpost postcards for 28 cents .

Other mailing products become more expensive

The unit prices for letter mailings or self-mailers are rising. In future, a 20-gram letter will cost 28 cents instead of 30 cents. This corresponds to a price increase of 7.1%.

2. the minimum quantity increases to 5,000

If you previously had to pay extra to reach the minimum quantity for Dialogpost, you will find it more difficult in 2020. You will now have to post at least 5,000 letters for nationwide dispatch as Dialogpost. Previously, that was 4,000 items. For shipments to a routing region, the minimum quantity of 200 items still applies. Here, the first two digits of the postcode must match for all addresses.

This will be more expensive for mailers with smaller address lists. Smaller letter volumes can be posted as Dialogpost Easy. Here, too, the prices change.

Dialogpost Easy: Higher surcharge

The surcharge for Dialogpost Easy was previously €0.10. It will increase to € 0.15. This means that a letter in the Dialogpost Easy segment costs €0.45, while the unit price for a postcard is €0.43.

Surcharge for lack of automation capability

Deutsche Post is very sensitive when it comes to the machine capability of mailings. Using a millimeter ruler and template, every posting is checked at the mail center for compliance with machine capability.

As soon as a feature deviates from the postal standard, a surcharge becomes due for each individual item. In 2019, this penalty fee was 5 cents per letter. From 2020, these regulations will also apply to large letters.

An der Art Frankierung ändert sich nichts. Die Briefe können mit der Frankierwelle oder mit dem verkürzten Frankiervermerk freigemacht sein. Der alte Schriftzug INFOPOST darf nicht mehr verwendet werden.

Dialogue mail can also be franked with real stamps. In our lettershop, we use a stamp gluing machine for large quantities.

The content of the letters - decisive for the shipping costs

Many customers are in for a nasty surprise here. From 2020 onwards, many mailings may no longer be sent at the saver price. You will only be allowed to deliver advertising as low-cost dialogue mail. Non-promotional items whose purpose is to provide general or personal information can now only be sent as letter post. This includes, for example, invitations to general meetings, market research surveys, price information or recall campaigns. means an immense increase in costs for certain industries. 

Dialogpost - FAQs: Frequently asked questions

What should I bear in mind when sending Dialogpost and Dialogpost Easy?

Is Dialogpost exempt from VAT?

Nein, leider nicht. Nur das Standardporto der Deutschen Post ist von der Umsatzsteuer befreit. Auf Dialogpost und Dialogpost Easy sind 19% Umsatzsteuer zu entrichten. 

Will dialogue post become more expensive in 2020?

Yes. As of 1 January 2020, prices for dialogue mail will rise. Instead of 28 cents, most mailings will now cost 30 cents. Postcards are an exception, which can still be sent at a unit price of 28 cents. All prices and conditions: Click here ...

Minimum grammage for postcards
  • up to DIN C6 format = 170 g/m² 
  • up to DIN long format = 200 g/m² 
  • larger than DIN long up to the maximum format Standard = 250 g/m² 
  • Grammage = paper weight, given in grams / square metre

Duration of dialogue mail

How long is Dialogpost in transit?

Your Dialogpost items should reach the recipient no later than four days after posting (postal code E+4). Items can be posted from Monday to Friday and delivered from Tuesday to Saturday. 

Infopost National has been called Dalogpost since 2016
Deliver dialogue mail to the exact day?

Can Dialogpost be delivered on a desired date?

It is not possible to specify a preferred delivery date for Dialogpost. You can only agree a binding delivery date with us. The delivery time is always between one and four days after posting at the mail centre. If you want a letter to reach the recipient on a specific date, the only option is to send it as a fully paid letter.

Minimum size for dialogue mail

Is there a minimum size for shipping?

Yes, a minimum size is specified for this. When sending as dialogue mail, the shorter side must be at least 9 cm long, the longer side at least 14 cm long.

Postcards: Dialogue mail possible?

Can postcards also be sent as dialogue mail?

Ja, das ist möglich. Postkarten können genauso wie Briefe als Dialogpost  versendet werden. Selbst große Karten in einem Format von 23 x 32 cm sind möglich. Das Papiergewicht muss mindestens 150 g/qm betragen. Bei größeren Karten sollten es aber durchaus mehr als 200 g/qm sein.

Dialogue mail without envelope

Can I send items without an envelope?

Items without an envelope are possible if they are sufficiently stable. The minimum size is 23.5 cm x 12.5 cm, the minimum weight is 30 grams.

At Deutsche Post, the whole thing is called "Dialogpost without wrapping". This type of dispatch is often used for sending magazines and catalogues.

All information on the variant without wrapping is summarized in this brochure (download as PDF).

Dialogue mail: Where to deliver?

Can I post Dialogpost items at any post office?

Not the shortest route, but the safest: all bulk mail acceptance offices accept the finished mailings. However, you can also post up to 5,000 letters or postcards at post offices, which are usually closer to home.

When processing orders via our lettershop , we always take care of mail delivery at the bulk mail acceptance point for postal routing area 99 in Erfurt.

Wooden stamp with stamp imprint DIALOGPOST (franking mark) on an envelope cover

The "Dialogpost wave" is often printed directly on the envelope. For small quantities of letters in self-mailing, a Dialogpost stamp helps. mailingdruck24 also supplies them with envelopes with the Dialogpost endorsement.

Infopost: Old franking mark.

We still have an old stamp marked Infopost. Can we still use it?

Der alte Frankiervermerk mit dem Zusatz INFOPOST kann nicht mehr verwendet werden. Schon seit 2017 dürfen nur noch die neuen Frankierwellen mit dem Zusatz DIALOGPOST verwendet werden.

We have made the current franking marks available for download here on our site. You can get a new Dialogpost stamp here - please click.

Postage increase

Was there a postage increase for dialogue mail on January 1, 2020?

Yes, the prices for Dialogue Mail have changed as of 1 January 2020. The prices on this page reflect the current status after the price increase.

General Conditions 2020 for Dialogue Mail

Minimum quantity 200 pieces in the leading region (the first two digits of the postal code match) or 5,000 pieces nationwide

Posting sorted by postal code

Delivery time: day of posting + 4 days (Monday is not counted)

Size: maximum 235 x 125 mm, up to 5 mm thick

Surcharges: for missing automation ability 0,05 € / letter

Minimum quantities for Dialogpost and Dialogpost Easy

I used to be able to deliver 50 or more items per routing area. Is that still possible?

Minimum quantities of 50 letters existed until 2015. Today, the following quantities apply:

Minimum quantity for dialogue mail 

  • for dialogue mail 200 pieces per routing region (the first two digits of the postal code match) or
  • 5,000 pieces nationwide

Minimum quantity for Dialogpost Easy

  • 500 pieces nationwide

Additional payments

What does "surcharges" mean for Dialogpost?

With postage optimisation, we calculate the cheapest postage variant from the addresses supplied for your Dialogpost item.

To qualify for the lower Dialogpost rate, you need 5,000 copies for nationwide delivery or 200 copies for the same routing region (matching the first two digits of the postal code).

This quantity can also be achieved by means of a so-called surcharge:
If, in a lead region, a few copies are short of the minimum quantity of 200 pieces, then settlement can be made as follows:

  • 160 real letters
  • 40 virtual letters (surcharges)
  • Result: The minimum quantity of 200 mailings is reached.

The resulting postage (200 x 0,30 = 60,00 €) is, despite the higher total number of pieces, cheaper than the settlement of the 160 letters at standard postage (160 x 0,80 = 128,00 €).

If these quantities are not reached, the mailing is split: By optimizing the postage, we determine how many letters can be sent as dialog mail and how many letters must be billed at the standard postage rate.

Dialogue mail abroad

Can I also send Dialogpost abroad?

Of course, this is also possible. Letters can be sent as Dialogpost International from as little as 50 pieces. In this case, a weight factor is always added to the unit price, so that the postage must always be calculated individually.

We handle all international shipping for you with the following postal service providers:

  • Austrian Post (dispatch of Dialogpost / Info.Mail) to Austria and the Czech Republic
  • Asendia (subsidiary of Swiss Post and France Poste) for shipments to France and Switzerland
  • Deutsche Post (DPAG, worldwide shipping)

New Dialogue Post Prices 2020
Dialogue mail. Sealing envelopes?

Can I seal the letters or do they have to be sent open?

Swiss Post has stipulated that envelopes must be sealed for mailing. This is a condition for automatic processing in the sorting machines of the mail centers.

As a lettershop, we have to produce a sample for each item and hand it in to the mail centre together with the posting lists for the mailings. Using this sample, Swiss Post checks compliance with the content specifications for the mailings.

Stamps instead of dialogue mail wave?

Can I also stick stamps or does the Dialogpost wave have to be on the envelope?

Die Dialogpostwelle muss in der großen Form nicht unbedingt auf den Umschlag. Wir nutzen vorwiegend den verkürzten Frankiervermerk im Adressfenster. Dieser ist nicht so auffällig und sie sparen sich die Kosten für den Aufdruck auf den Umschlag.

Alternatively, stamps can be affixed, which are also available with the standard value of 28 cents, for example.

When the stamps are franked at the Deutsche Post mail center, the word Dialogpost is printed on them. However, this is not as conspicuous as the large Dialogpost endorsement. The recipient notices the stamp first; their mailing is visibly enhanced.


Lead region

What is a lead region?

The routing region includes all areas and towns where the first two digits of the postal code match. For example, the Cologne city area belongs to the routing regions 50 and 51. The routing region is important in the Dialogpost tariff.

Contact: Dialogue mail enquiries

Bonus mailings as dialogue mail

Formulation rules for the dialogue mail dispatch of vouchers, purchase bonuses or loyalty bonuses 

Swiss Post likes to make things complicated.
Especially when sending dialogue mail.

For example, when shipping

  • Bonus notices
  • Bonus Vouchers
  • Loyalty Vouchers

A few things have to be taken into account in the formulation in order to get on the way as dialogue mail.

If these Deutsche Post guidelines are not observed, 6,000 inexpensive Dialogpost cards for €1,680 will quickly turn into fully paid postcards for €3,600 when handed in at the counter.
So read carefully and pay attention!

Bonus mailing as dialogue mail - example

Key message: ALWAYS link bonus notification to a concrete offer

The sending of bonus mailings/vouchers is only possible with promotional content.
The bonus message must always be linked to a formulated offer!

Permissible contents are:

  • the date of issue
  • the validity period of the voucher
  • participating shops and branches can also be named
  • general wording of the period that applied to the assessment of the voucher (e.g. "In the last three months.")

The bonus amount can be given in points and or in euros.

  • ,, "Your accumulated bonus" or "Your accumulated points through 11/30/2015: ... "
  • "We have taken into account your purchases of the last 3 months"
  • "Your personal loyalty bonus: XV euros." or,, ... You have VX euros at your disposal."
  • "Your bonus includes XV euros" or "Your bonus includes X points."

Similarity to the information on a bank statement is not permitted, e.g.

  • Billing period with specific date from xx to yy
  • Sales made by the recipient of the voucher
  • Terms such as balance, account balance, credit, drawing limit, reimbursement
  • Legends, such as: €1 = 5 points, €10 = 50 points, etc.

How must the associated offer be formulated?

Bonus notices do not always literally offer a product or service.

We consider the invitation to act in relation to a product/service as an offer because it is a customer loyalty measure.
Objective ➔ Encouragement to purchase or use a product/service

Formulation examples:
  • The new collection is here. Come ... "
  • "Look inside... ,,
  • "Redeem your coupon on your next visit."
  • "Take advantage of ... And get the deals of the season ... "
  • "Simply present your voucher at the checkout on your next purchase and enjoy your personal bonus benefit."
  • "Bring this coupon with you on your next visit."
  • "Your voucher is to be redeemed directly on your next order."
  • "Visit our website and redeem your coupon right now."
  • "You can redeem your personal bonus on your next purchase."

Inadequate sole formulations include:

  • "Glad to be of service."
  • "We hope you enjoy shopping with us."
  • "We look forward to your visit."

[Accessed April 2019]

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We are looking forward to your call or your inquiry via the contact form.

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