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A good letter needs a beautiful envelope . With it, you grab the recipient by his primal instincts. You can touch an envelope. You can feel special types of paper. Transparent envelopes arouse curiosity. Your own name on addressed envelopes immediately catches the eye.
Be inspired by our envelope range - from simple envelopes to elegant white print . You benefit from professional handling and short delivery times.

Great envelopes stand out!

  • Business envelopes with company logo, printed on one or both sides
  • Response envelopes and Responseplus envelopes
  • Design envelopes with exclusive white print
  • Addressing - never stick labels again
  • Envelopes with dialogue mail wave
  • Panorama envelopes
  • coloured or transparent envelopes
  • square envelopes

Printed envelopes increase the response rate of your mailings by up to 70%. You too can score points with a great feel and eye-catching appearance!

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Reply envelope
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Reply envelopes
In different sizes, shapes and variants here.

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Envelopes with company logo
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Reply envelopes

International reply envelopes
In various colors, shapes, confections here.

Offers are directed to industry, trade & free professions for use in self-employed or commercial activity. Prices plus 19% VAT.

Reply envelopes with your company logo not only look great - they catch your customers' eye immediately. We deliver the best print quality for your envelopes.

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In different sizes, shapes and variations here.

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For public clients we also offer orders on account.

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Envelope sizes and formats

114 x 162 mm (A6 size letters)
125 x 176 mm (C6 size letters)
162 x 229 mm (A5 size letters)
176 x 250 mm (C5 size letters)
324 x 229 mm (A4 size letters)

400 x 280 mm (B4 size letters)

324 x 458 mm (A3 size letters)

Printed envelopes increase the response rate of your mailings by up to 70%.
You too can score points with a great feel and eye-catching appearance!

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Envelopes Article Overview

  • Reply envelopes / reply envelopes "Charges paid by recipient
  • Envelopes for inserters with and without window
  • Envelopes and envelopes with printing (logo etc.)
  • coloured envelopes
  • Kraft paper envelopes
  • transparent envelopes
  • Panorama envelopes (envelopes with oversized window)
  • Mini envelopes for business cards
  • Envelopes with white printing
  • addressed envelopes (postal addressing)
  • Envelopes and envelopes with glued stamp 
  • Envelopes with Dialogpost wave (franking mark Dialogpost)
  • Delivery of all products to Germany, Austria and Switzerland
Fancy envelopes and classy envelopes are more targeted and effective than a message in a bottle. Buy your envelopes best here

Printed envelopes - many variations and formats

  • printed envelopes with or without window
  • custom cover printing
  • Premium materials
  • color-brilliant pictures & graphics
  • crisp texts
  • inexpensive & fast

Have envelopes printed - short delivery times

Printing envelopes with individual design gives your letter mail a new look. At the same time, you present the face of your company with the individual design. Whether it's direct marketing campaigns, new offers, invitations or invoices - with printed envelopes you leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Depending on the desired quantity, we printed the envelopes in digital printing or offset printing. The order is placed online. For runs of up to 500 envelopes, digital envelope printing is the more cost-effective option. For print runs of 1,000 envelopes or more, we recommend offset envelope printing for production.

Full colour print, logo print or print envelope with address

In order to be able to produce your individual envelopes at any time, even in smaller runs, we always have a large stock of envelopes with laser-compatible windows. This ensures that we can process your layout in impressive quality in digital envelope printing.

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Envelopes with printing

Here you will find the most important formats

Cover types and formats -

what can be processed in cover printing


  • Envelope DIN long (220 x 110 mm) with window / without window single-colour and four-colour with wet or pressure-sensitive gluing
  • envelope DIN C6/5 (229 x 115 mm) with wet glueing
  • Envelope C4 ( 330 x 232 mm) with window / without window one-colour and four-colour with adhesive on the short side
  • Envelope C4 ( 330 x 232 mm) with window / without window one-colour and four-colour with wet gluing on the long side
  • Envelopes DIN long without window made of the high-quality material Atlantic, FSC-certified

Printing envelopes:

numerous variants for special tasks


  • Envelopes and envelope sleeves with postage paid impression (Dialogpost wave formerly Infopost wave)
  • Colored envelopes and envelopes
  • transparent envelopes and envelopes
  • tear-proof envelopes and envelope liners
  • Envelopes and envelopes with large panorama window in the sizes DIN A6, DIN long, DIN C6, DIN C5 and DIN C4
  • printed envelopes and envelope liners
  • digitally printed envelopes from 250 pieces
  • Special formats on request

You can order all variants of envelopes directly from us.
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Envelope C6 with window

Envelope C6 with window

Envelope DIN long with window

Envelope DIN long with print

Envelope C6/C5 with window

Envelope C6/C5 with window

Envelope C5 with window

Envelope C5 with window

Envelope C4 with window

Envelope C4 with window

All information here in our download PDF ...

The history and origin of the envelope

Handmade envelopes from 1820 to 1835

Until 1820, the written sheet of paper was still folded and sealed with a seal. From this year onwards, however, this was to change. The British book and stationery dealer S. K. Brewer in Brighton invented a paper envelope into which letters could be inserted. There was no need for the previously time-consuming folding and sealing. The invention also had another advantage: from now on, the sheet of paper could be used and written on both sides. Initially, the envelopes were produced by hand, i.e. Brewer cut the envelopes to size using metal templates. However, as the demand increased steadily, Brewer had to act and in 1835 he commissioned the company Dobbs & Comp. from London to produce the envelopes as a mass product.

The first machine processing of reply envelopes

Around 1844, about ten years later, the first treadle folding machine for the production of envelopes was developed. This patent came from the Englishman Edwin Warren Hill. This sophisticated machine was presented at the World Exhibition in London in 1851. However, the first envelope factory was founded in Jülich by the merchant Rommeler on 17.12.1849. Since machines were not yet fully developed at that time, the envelopes were still produced by hand in the factory. At the World's Fair in London in 1851, the paper merchant Carl Remker acquired one of the envelope machines. From this time onwards, the Remker company in Wuppertal was the first to manufacture envelopes completely by machine. Unfortunately this company could not exist for long and was followed by companies like Lemppenau ggr. 1860, Besthorn, ggr. 1861, Mayer ggr. 1862, Lehmann & Hildebrandt, Reinhard Schmidt, Bergmann and Otto Ficker.

Envelopes at the World Exhibition Paris

At the World's Fair in Paris in 1867, the first steam-operated machine for the production of envelopes was presented. The output at that time of 20-25,000 pieces in 8 hours was an enormous increase compared to the previous manual treadle machines of 5-6,000 pieces.

High performance and viewing window

Around 1870, the Reinhart Schmidt company was already operating several machines, which by 1874 had a total daily output averaging 150,000 units. The first attempts to produce transparent varnish windows were made at the beginning of the 20th century by applying varnish to the back of the open envelope. This development was then brought to series production by the Reinhart Schmidt company. The varnish windows were later replaced by glassine windows in 1932-1934.

The envelopes from 1925

The company Winkler + Dünnebier presented the first rotary envelope machine to the public in 1925. The advantage of this machine was the higher speed and the direct gumming of the envelopes, which until then had to be pre-gummed. In 1930, the first glassine windows went into production. Compared to the varnish windows, the production was significantly cheaper and a much better transparency was achieved. In the years 1932-1934 the first machine was developed by the company Winkler + Dünnebier, which glued in the glassine window. After the turmoil of the war and the reconstruction, the machines were of course further developed. This is how the envelope in its current form was finally created.

Questions & Answers about envelopes

How long have envelopes been around?

The first envelopes were sold in 1820 by the paper merchant S.K. Brewer in Brighton, England.
In the beginning, he still made his envelopes by hand with stencils made of sheet metal. A few years later - the year was 1835 - sales of the envelopes had increased so much that Brewer commissioned the London firm of Dobbs & Co. to mass produce them.
Now it took another 11 years until the first envelope machine was developed. This went into operation in 1844.
The envelope had finally become a mass product.

What is an envelope?

An envelope is the mailing packaging (wrapping around a letter). Other terms for the envelope are:

  • Envelope
  • Envelope
  • Shipping bag
  • Envelope

What is the size of the smallest and the largest commercial envelope?

The smallest envelope we know of is 62 x 98 mm. For example, we distribute our mailing print business cards in such an envelope. However, it is not approved for mailing because of its small dimensions. The largest standard envelope has the DINC§ format and measures 324 x 458 mm.

Can recycled envelopes be printed?

But of course: You can also do something for the environment when it comes to envelopes. We have recycled envelopes in grey and pure white paper in stock, which can be provided with addresses, with your logo or other prints in all the usual processes.