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Here you will find the postage of Deutsche Post 2020 for letters and postcards and international as well as the postage for merchandise and book mailings in Germany.


What is the postage for letters?

Definition of letter postage / postal charges

Letter post age is the fee charged by a postal service provider for transporting and delivering a mail item to the recipient. The amount of the letter postage depends on the desired delivery time, the size and weight of the item and the destination country. Franking with stamps, special postmarks or matrix codes indicate that the postage has been paid.

Prices for letters, postcards, etc. - All postage types at a glance

cents is the letter postage for the standard letter up to 20 grams

Letter postage standard letter national
  • 0,80 €
  • max. 235 x 125 x 5 mm
  • max. 20 gram

Letter postage Germany - standard letter national 0,70 €

Compact Letter National
  • 0,95 €
  • Size max. 235 mm x 125 mm x 10 mm
  • Weight max. 50 gram
Postage postcard national
  • 0,60 €
  • Size max. 235 mm x 125 mm
  • Paper weight at least 150 g/sqm
Large letter national
  • 1,55 €
  • Size max. 353 mm x 250 mm x 20 mm
  • Weight max. 500 gram
Maxibrief National
  • 2,70 €
  • Size max. 353 mm x 250 mm x 50 mm
  • Weight max. 1,000 gram
Postage from the franking machine

A modern franking machine is the fastest way to print the letter postage on the envelope or postcard.

Fast franking machine for transferring franking

Postage for goods and book shipments

Book Shipment Large
  • 1,20 €
  • L: 10 - 35.3 cm
    W: 7 - 30 cm
    H: up to 15 cm
  • Weight up to 500 gram
Book shipment Maxi
  • 1,70 €
  • L: 10 - 35.3 cm
    W: 7 - 30 cm
    H: up to 15 cm
  • Weight up to 1,000 gram
Compact consignment
  • 1,30 €
  • Length: 10 - 35.3 cm
    Width: 7 - 30 cm
    Height: up to 15 cm
  • Weight up to 50 gram
Large consignment
  • 2,20 €
  • Length: 10 - 35.3 cm
    Width: 7 - 30 cm
    Height: up to 15 cm
  • Weight up to 500 gram
Maxi consignment
  • 2,20 €
  • Length: 10 - 35.3 cm
    Width: 7 - 30 cm
    Height: up to 5 cm
  • Weight up to 1 kg
Consignment Maxi 1kg
  • 2,35 €
  • Length: 10 - 35.3 cm
    Width: 7 - 30 cm
    Height: up to 15 cm
  • Weight up to 1kg

International letter postage (abroad)

Standard letter international
  • 1,10 €
  • max. 235 x 125 x 5 mm
  • max. 20 gram
Compact Letter Intern.
  • 1,70 €
  • max. 235 mm x 125 mm x 10 mm
  • max. 50 gram
Postcard International
  • 0,95 €
  • max. 235 mm x 125 mm
  • between 150 g/m2 and 500 g/m2
Large letter international
  • 3,70 €
  • max. 353 mm x 250 mm x 20 mm
  • max. 500 gram
Letter postage Deutsche Post 2017
Maxibrief International
  • 7,00 € over 500 g up to 1.000 g
  • 17,00 € over 1000 g up to 2.000 g
  • max. 353 mm x 250 mm x 20 mm
  • max. 2000 gram
No matter where you are in Germany: Almost every day you see at least one Deutsche Post car

No matter where you are in Germany: Almost every day you will see at least one Deutsche Post car emptying the letterboxes.

Letter postage FAQ

Frequently asked questions about letter postage and postal charges

How much does a letter cost?

A letter within Germany costs € 0.80. When sending abroad you have to pay 1,10 €.

Is letter postage tax-free?

Letter postage for standard letters, compact letters and large letters is exempt from VAT. The tax exemption for universal postal services applies here. This essentially concerns the transport of letter items up to 2000 grams ( § 4 number 11b UStG).

You can find the relevant information sheet from the Federal Ministry of Finance here.

How heavy can a letter be?

A standard letter for € 0.80 may weigh a maximum of 20 grams.

How many sheets can be in a letter?

You can insert three sheets in a standard letter weighing up to 20 grams. This applies to normal 80 gram copy paper.

Letter postage: What does Swiss Post pay for this?

The path of a letter from the sender's desk to the recipient's mailbox
Even at Wartburg Castle near Eisenach, tourists' mail is collected and sent out into the wide world.

Even on the high Wartburg near Eisenach a mail driver scrambles to send the tourist mail into the big wide world.

They write their letter.
On the PC or maybe even by hand. But now quickly into the envelope.
stamp on it and off into the next mailbox.


  • Collection of letters from the post office (from 17.00)
  • Emptying the letterboxes (several times a day during the emptying times)
  • Transport of letters to the mail centre (18.00 to 20.00)
  • mechanical sorting and coding of letters in the letter processing systems in the letter centre (20.00 to 22.00)
  • Assignment to the mail centre of the destination (until 22.00)
  • Transport of letters to the destination letter centre (between 22.00 and 04.00)
  • Sorting in the incoming letter centre and sorting to the respective delivery base (04.00 to 06.00)
  • Transport to the delivery base of the destination city
  • Delivery by postman (08:00 to 15:00)
The postage for love letters is the same as for other letters of the same weight.

Do different postage rates apply to love letters? Unfortunately, no: letters to your sweetheart cost the same postage as all other letters.

The 2019 postage increase was a long story

75, 80 or even 90 cents? It was exciting!

The year 2018 was heavy on Deutsche Post's stomach. Profit warnings accompanied the business in the core divisions Parcel (DHL) and Mail. Rising wage costs coupled with declining mail volumes weighed on earnings in the core Mail Division.

Managers from the Mail and Parcel Divisions had to vacate their posts. The problems with the electric delivery vehicle Streetscooter were - and are - also not yet off the table. Swiss Post is looking for a buyer for the electric vehicle division.

Jump to 80 cents in January 2019?
The Federal Network Agency didn't play along for now!

Deutsche Post had planned higher prices as a liberating blow. DHL parcels had already become more expensive. A postage increase for letters was originally planned for 1 January 2019. After some back and forth, the increase came on 1 July 2019.

The last increase was three years ago. The 2019 increase was supposed to go through the approval process of the Federal Network Agency without any complications. But unfortunately, the network agency didn't play ball. In October 2018, it prohibited the Post from implementing the planned postage increase because the figures presented to justify it were inconclusive. Swiss Post had to rework the figures and justify its request for a postage increase for standard letters with new figures.

Since the new figures would not suffice as justification for the planned increase to 80 or even 90 cents for the standard letter in the opinion of the Federal Network Agency, Deutsche Post took a different approach. It used its lobby channels in the Federal Cabinet and the Ministry of Economics. These finally cleared the way for the postage increase in spring 2019 with a special approval.

Postage increase 2019: Letter postage may not yet rise on 1 January
2019 postage increase not approved for now. The Post must submit new costing documents

The increase came on July 1, 2019

At times, there was even talk of an increase to 90 cents. The stakes are high for Deutsche Post. Whether the share price stabilizes in the long term depends heavily on the hoped-for additional revenue from letter postage.

Postal customers - end consumers and corporate customers - can only watch and wait.
Either way, letter volumes will slowly continue to decline.

At the beginning of June there was the final confirmation: Standard postage will rise to 80 cents, and postcards from 45 to 60 cents. You can findall current prices here on this page.

Dialogue mail prices increased in 2020

Österreichische Post AG achieved its first goal; the letter postage rate was increased to 80 cents for standard letters weighing up to 20 grams.

For advertising customers, the Dialogpost prices are more interesting. All 2020 conditions and prices ➝ can be found here.

My conclusion: the volume of letters will continue to fall in the area of invoice dispatch and standard mail. First of all, this also has advantages: Well-designed letter mailings, self-mailers or postcards stand out much more, there is then more space in the mailbox!


Uwe Fenner


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